Friday, June 19, 2009

Intriguing Link to Yale Study on Brain Energy...

Neural imaging tracks on 1% of  the brain's energy flow or activity. What's the rest of the picture?  World Science lists a recent Yale study -- "Brain energy use proposed as key to understanding consciousness".  

Related to the ordered water/respiration  trial theory, the so-called coded ordered water model  of consciousness that is emerging  here,  our respiration reactions  are steadily  creating some 10^20 odd water molecules per second body-wide, with a large fraction forming in the brain.   This quantity is an oxygen equivalent, or ATP-energy equivalent in our systems.  

Concurrent with the energy flow, however,  is the immediate creation of stacks and sequences of water molecules which form in particular, individually repeatable ways related to surrounding influences (our experience). This shifting formation  "conditions" an individual's base-level structured duality ahead of neural/synaptic energy-consuming activity.  This on-going reflection of  our surroundings, through the province of hydrogen-bonding, is naturally linked with protein-folding and replication  and thus with expression and motility.  In this manner there is a natural link with optimizing energy transactions which surface to us  as generally helpful responses to stimuli, ie., intelligent responses -- consciousness.

The Yale study group, probably unaware of the existence of the trial theory here may see things differently...  but their results point attention beyond the firefly sparks monitored in standard neural activity imaging. 

What's next?    Stay tuned...

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