Friday, September 9, 2016

How NSD accounts for perception

[From jsc-online, September 6, 2016]

JR3: Quite a vague statement Ralph. The questions about how we perceive events is still in play. How does NSD account for perception?

[rf]  I currently think that in presenting an alternative way to conceptualize reality (both the physical and the mental regions) -- besides, or in addition to the way folks do within the cube/subject-object trial theory and its epicycles, that NSD is like a second, and actually broader and more accurate  perspective. In that, I see it more like another tool. 

Does NSD actually account for perception? Let's face one fact. First, the dominant cube/subject-object instance of NSD obviously doesn't or hasn't so far. Do you disagree?  And this is after, let's say, a huge number of incredibly intelligent people working hundreds of millions of lifetimes on the project.  

That fact sort of indicates that there's something amiss at the roots of the cube/subject-object  model.  Or it indicates that to me.

Stepping off that cliff, the logical thing is to try ANY other instance of nested structured~duality. You, JR3, run your aware-ized energy; Serge runs his IIS[] and dis-dec-as... instance; Hameroff (abandons ordered water) and goes with Penrose toward microtubules resonating in quantum gravity; on and on and on. Many, many, many views of the elephant; ALL instances of NSD.

In my storyline, there is not much intelligence in getting it started. I asked a variation of questions posed by R. Buckminster Fuller: What do you get when you build a tetrahedron out of magnets? It turns out what you get is a handheld variable mass density, one-half spin-related multiple-state artifact. Oops, physical intuition of modern scientific features in one move on the gameboard, but without the arduous abstract mathematics pre-requisites.

Looking into this finding, one discovers (or, makes up) the underlying general principle of structured duality -- things have structure and have or exhibit one or more dualities or differences -- or similar terminology that most people don't like.  

But, there you have it: reality is nested structured~duality, coupled with noticing the ~6^n structural coding implicitly available in the 10^20 tetrahedral water molecules generated per second within our respiration.  So this gets experience structurally coding hydrogen bonding packets intimately related with our energy collection/conservation -- which makes sense because that is what the so-called consciousness is tasked with or supposed to do -- assist with growth and sustenance. So, we are down to genetic, epi-genetic and metabolic structural coding, including enzymatic structural coding that all play rather direct  roles in energy conservation and expression (protein-folding).

Then, when or IF we can break with the tradition of assuming empty space within the incrementally stacked  cubic framework, and somehow transition to  beginning with a single tetrahedron and then adding increments of the same total edge length, such that the second and subsequent increments connect the midpoints of all tetrahedral edges, the new 'NSD' model  has tetrahedra nested within tetrahedra nested within tetrahedra... all the way down. 

So, now kids are learning a multiple-state nested fields within nested fields, incrementing/quantum level model from day one (theoretically) and, though not perfect, the 'math' matches up with the HUGE fraction of our tetrahedral-structured self and  surroundings as well as the 6^n structural coding in the tetrahedral units making up our being.

In this way, NSD gives us a different instance of NSD to consider (tetrahedron/north-south) and with that a slightly more coherent view of our reality. 

In providing the different view, it also facilitates our shifting back and forth between the two instances which, I think, sheds some light on how we perceive and how perception is related to the model (s) we employ.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Can Gauge Symmetry Be Understood Conceptually?

On Sunday, December 13, 2015 at 3:56:58 AM UTC-5, Robert L. Oldershaw wrote:
> Is there a way to explain gauge symmetry/gauge invariance conceptually,
> i.e., without mathematics or any abstract constructs.
> This would require a pictorial representation involving known physical
> objects, their observable motions, and non-abstract dynamic/geometric
> reasoning.
> Is this possible?


Others may disagree, but I think
that expression  is actually
a fairly straightforward thing
to put on the table. Doing so
though, involves expanding
the problem statement or
expression so as to also
illustrate (approximately)
the symmetry/invariance
with abstract mathematics.
(That is, to also show the
symmetry that accounts,
albeit, perhaps only intuitively,
for the unreasonable
effectiveness of mathematics.)

Friday, July 1, 2016

Re: Understanding reality in order to understand consciousness

Is my assertion (changing our understanding of reality -- changing scientific tenets/paradigms -- FIRST;  is a prerequisite to developing an effective model of consciousness)  comforting to you and in line with your thinking, or is that approach in conflict with your rationality and logic and thus cannot be allowed to co-exist with your approach and system?
Comforting or in conflict?

---In, wrote :

Ralph Frost on June 28, 2016 wrote:
>On another level, the meta-theory IS the underlying general principle 
>of nested structured~duality (NSD).  In my approach, reality is NSD. 
>If I were trying to populate some of your many categories I might say 
>the  the MT and GS and AT .. levels are all NSD.
[S.P.] Can you, please, consider any example from real life and demonstrate how your "underlying general principle of nested structured~duality (NSD)" works?
[rf] How it works?  Generally, I expect one off-the-cuff answer to that question is it "works"  via or through nested structural coding, which perhaps you and other readers can think of as resonance.  Consider the statement of the basic principle: all things have some structure and have and/or exhibit one or more sets of differences (dualities).   The 'nested' aspect of the different levels of organization (nested structure)  promotes variations in influences and interactions.   On the physical side of things, perhaps you might want to consider the spherical/in-out instance of NSD presented in, for instance:     On the ~mental side of the fence, perhaps you and other readers can reflect upon pattern recognition within different contexts and also within different paradigmatic models or belief systems.
In the real life experiences of changing paradigms, there come moments or periods just before the shift where, let's say, two models (or instances of nested structured~duality) fit the same sets of experiences or measures (or instances of nested structured~duality).   Having the various aspects of the puzzle and the descriptions and potential outcomes all in the same category (instances of NSD) simplifies the analytical tasks that participants face making it somewhat easier to first conceptualize or imagine  alternative paradigmatic instances [they are, after all, just different instances of NSD], and then for participants to assess which alternative is more general/more terse than others -- have greater load-carrying capacity.   Again, having both physical artifacts and phenomena as well as mental/descriptive artifacts within the same single category allows for some productive descriptive, conceptual, analytical efficiencies which are simply not available in less unified, more verbose  models.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Understanding reality first in order to understand consciousness.

-- To build an effective model of consciousness, first, redefine reality, that is, change scientific paradigms.  And, of course,  the challenge is seeing what is unseen, and saying what previously has no expression. (Ralph Frost, 06/21/2016)

In the quest to develop  a so-called science of consciousness, in hindsight I notice that the tact I've taken (or was led or stumbled into) is to first re-define reality. 

Psychotic and grandiose as that sounds and is,  it turns out that in the "consciousness movement" there is already some logic and history with  that approach.  That is, briefly,  the entire panpsychic enterprise engages in that approach -- of re-defining reality in terms of, or as "consciousness", or in variations of "consciousness units" (or monads, etc.) Also, implied in the on-going debate about physical versus non-physical which is, of course, embedded and  locked in due to the prevailing adoption of the definition of (physical) reality in terms of our familiar physical units.  Logic also tells us that IF the prevailing scientific paradigm were robust enough and accurate enough,  the job would already have been completed decades ago and would NOT be  discussed today or in the various ways and terms which it is.

So, there is all this evidence --or are they just  indications?-- which call for opening door number two -- for revising the scientific paradigm for real -- for  re-defining reality first. Once that step is taken,  people can migrate to the so-called transcendent level and then the lights can go on on the new expressions which will become the science(s) of consciousness.

As an added impetus, the split-brained nature of the dominant quantum-relativistic (physical) scientific model itself continues to send disquieting signals throughout the fabric of reality.   The disquieting signals have echoes  throughout economic, environmental, species diversity indices, educational,  social and cultural networks. Yes, it is time to change the global scientific paradigm.

And, of course,  the challenge is seeing what is unseen, and saying what previously has no expression.

One view of the story line I am advocating might have it that, like was my experience, all one needs to do is start in with analog math, observe the principle and add the re-definition. That is, play around with magnetic tetrahedra so as to acquire the physical intuition and learn the principle of structured~duality firsthand, and then notice that reality is nested structured~duality.

All enclosed in one empirically backed paragraph.


Best regards,
Ralph Frost   Coming soon: Paradigm transition and lifelong learning all for for $7

With joy you will draw water
from the wells of salvation. Isaiah 12:3

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Solar fusion flux courses through our photosynthetic and respiring veins playing representational melodies


Regarding your well-intentioned attempts and question about why bite the hand that feeds you -- or other such queries,   I think what PB may be doing is, say, laying rhetorical or alternate-paradigm logical groundwork to support the (his) ~answer:  [dark matter/energy, biophotons, etc.]  In order to make that ~conclusion, when stated,  effective, it may seem best in some perspectives to maximize  confusion/uncertainty about ~self and mind-body etc.

Thus, clarifying 'self'  or presenting obvious self facts and relations is not that helpful.  -- For instance, each one of our selves does have influential parents or caregivers (in varying degrees) who taught us  how to protein-fold words in our languages and we go on to structurally code other, sometimes new and sometimes awesome  protein-foldings to convey other new influences and perspectives.  Amid this also, all exists as mystery, folded and compounded  within nested fields within nested fields, gradients of circulating energy, gradients of nested structured~duality -- structured differences reflecting and refracting, etc., from various  interactive surfaces.  One developing perspective MAY be  the dark-light oscillations.

In the story line I articulate and advocate, solar fusion flux courses through our photosynthetic and respiring veins playing representational melodies, as I was taught/learned, in the mostly tetrahedral sp^3-hybridized molecular bonding in our so-called "organic chemistry".   Now, today, comes this mild insight that we call it sp^3 HYBRIDIZED because  of our initialization with the cubic orientation.  We start out with the cubic framework and then discover that we must HYBRIDIZE (adjust) the cubic orientations of 1s and 3p electron groupings to match with (natural, mostly tetrahedral) measured bond angles. Had our science started out with  tetrahedral structural coordination to begin with, it's likely we would have some substantially different concepts and impressions about 'hybridization' and types of chemistries and the ~significance or specialness of our "organic, resonance stabilized bondings".   This is one example where choice of framework (coordinate system) is not relativistically equal but   does actually influence STEM-related outcomes, concepts  and beliefs.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

sci.physics.research › A Better Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics?

> time T will Have a different probability
> at T', think of radioactive decay,
> which is contextuality.
> The goal of MWI, which is similar
> with Bohm's QM formalism, is that
> QM is unitary "all the way down,"
> including during measurements. This more
> generally also means decoherence of
> the density matrix. Observers and apparatus
> are ultimately quantum mechanical, but we
> have still this "gap" in our descriptions.
> This is particularly if we are to follow
> Bohr's dictum that experimental outcomes
> must be classical.
> LC

One way to hold with this Bohr dictum
and also earnestly face, I guess it is
the paradox or conflict arising with  
the Kochen-Specker theorem, as you write
above, Lawrence, of, among other
requirements,  needing or expecting
an odd nine whereas the standard or
accepted mathematical formulation
only provides an even eight, is
summarized below.

Hopefully, readers can pardon  my
non-standard notation which
I will claim here today are
largely required by both

1. The solution, let's say, begins with
eight unit vectors pointing outward
from a center point to the vertices
of a cube.

2. The next step is to sequentially,
perhaps imaginatively,
one-half rotate, oscillate or
re-orient each of the eight
unit vectors, end-for-end, so as
to form the nine, let's call them,
'states', of this eight-unit-vector

Monday, April 4, 2016

Mathematics IS structure -- Changing the scientific paradigm.

Sitting with the uncomfortable feeling of actually changing scientific paradigms, periodically, there are waves of impressions, or insights which pass through me, most of which seem too large  (or too compressed) to put into words. The basic feeling then is something like, "Oh, the people who later do make the transition, or a similar one, they will understand, they will appreciate, they have this, and more, ahead of them...".

But some impressions persist or grow such that they hopefully are thoughts worthy of speech.

The current impressions are cryptic ones, like "mathematics IS structure", or "~consciousness IS chemical stoichiometry", which seem some trite and obvious as to be nonsensical.  And, of course, these statements ARE trite and obvious, and bordering on nonsensical, particularly if viewed from one paradigm or another.   But when considered as transitional expressions forming the paradigm shield wall... perhaps there is more to see.