Saturday, May 4, 2013

Declaration of the Global Middle Western Scientific Paradigm War - May 4, 2013

We hold these truths to be self-evident.  The tenets and many of the methods of the dominant western scientific paradigm have been useful as initial approximations but are also excessively restrictive, disjointed, inaccurate, and incomplete.  Primary, secondary and tertiary consequences of attempting to center upon and hold those erroneous beliefs are consistently proven environmentally, economically, socially, emotionally, and psychologically unsustainable. A shift in scientific paradigm, although often difficult to achieve cleanly,  is consequently both desirable and necessary in these current times.  Thus, this declaration of the global middle western scientific paradigm war is given to mark the day, May 4, 2013.

For marketing and historic purposes, this "Third World War -- The Big One -- The War to Fight and Win Before Beginning Any Other Stinking War" ...the paradigm war, that is, this scientific paradigm shift, involves and is termed the shift from the "western", to the "middle western" scientific paradigm.

The overall challenge is for folks who hold to the western scientific worldview to loosen their beliefs and change their tenets, allegiances, methods  and  minds  over to those of the middle western worldview.  In this respect this war is, of course, instantly and completely global, intensely civil and innately personal. Assuming people can also remember they still have a decent sense of humor,  this war to end all wars can and will be waged with extensive enhancement of, rather than any lost of life, even among  its combatants.

Obviously, in coming days,  months and years there  will be many, many scientific battles and campaigns to be fought and won. However, the first step to take, the one that makes victory obvious at the outset is one shift in basic mathematics.

Analog mathematics is obviously primary and is stated  and integrated as such within the emerging middle western scientific paradigm.  In contrast,  secondary abstract mathematics is erroneously held as primary in the the presently dominant western scientific worldview.  This flaw  institutionalizes dis-integration and splitting throughout most of the nested layers of the societies and cultures  holding to the western scientific worldview. Basically, we've been making a math error.

Augmenting and shifting one's beliefs so as to hold analog math as primary is actually not that difficult to do.  Success and victory in the war to end all wars, therefore, is assured for everyone who tries.

Think abut it.

Best regards,
Ralph Frost
Brookston, Indiana
May 4, 2013


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