Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Understanding reality first in order to understand consciousness.

-- To build an effective model of consciousness, first, redefine reality, that is, change scientific paradigms.  And, of course,  the challenge is seeing what is unseen, and saying what previously has no expression. (Ralph Frost, 06/21/2016)

In the quest to develop  a so-called science of consciousness, in hindsight I notice that the tact I've taken (or was led or stumbled into) is to first re-define reality. 

Psychotic and grandiose as that sounds and is,  it turns out that in the "consciousness movement" there is already some logic and history with  that approach.  That is, briefly,  the entire panpsychic enterprise engages in that approach -- of re-defining reality in terms of, or as "consciousness", or in variations of "consciousness units" (or monads, etc.) Also, implied in the on-going debate about physical versus non-physical which is, of course, embedded and  locked in due to the prevailing adoption of the definition of (physical) reality in terms of our familiar physical units.  Logic also tells us that IF the prevailing scientific paradigm were robust enough and accurate enough,  the job would already have been completed decades ago and would NOT be  discussed today or in the various ways and terms which it is.

So, there is all this evidence --or are they just  indications?-- which call for opening door number two -- for revising the scientific paradigm for real -- for  re-defining reality first. Once that step is taken,  people can migrate to the so-called transcendent level and then the lights can go on on the new expressions which will become the science(s) of consciousness.

As an added impetus, the split-brained nature of the dominant quantum-relativistic (physical) scientific model itself continues to send disquieting signals throughout the fabric of reality.   The disquieting signals have echoes  throughout economic, environmental, species diversity indices, educational,  social and cultural networks. Yes, it is time to change the global scientific paradigm.

And, of course,  the challenge is seeing what is unseen, and saying what previously has no expression.

One view of the story line I am advocating might have it that, like was my experience, all one needs to do is start in with analog math, observe the principle and add the re-definition. That is, play around with magnetic tetrahedra so as to acquire the physical intuition and learn the principle of structured~duality firsthand, and then notice that reality is nested structured~duality.

All enclosed in one empirically backed paragraph.


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