Thursday, February 25, 2010

Replication and merging pan-psychism and emergence

One of the benefits of the vaporous little scientific trial theory of consciousness I am advocating is, apparently, it is real enough and geometric enough and positioned appropriately enough and perhaps both new and old enough that by fitting nicely into the hole it DOES support a growing array of useful visualizations.  It's small enough to learn and strong enough to carry the load.

I mean, on one side is the quantum and quantum gravitational imagery whose level of detail is
typically excessive and generally only communicable through the secondary abstract mathematics. On another side are single neurons and collections of neurons and their connections and their connections' connections where we measure and observe and speculate upon energy flows and blockages. And yet, in between, diving through Penrose's non-computable looking glass, it is only in the structurally coded analog math that we get to scribble up the simplified Platonic model in the steady emergence of wave after wave of tetrahedral-shaped water molecules. With, ten to the twentieth molecules per second forming body-wide; with 20% or 2x10^19 units per second forming in the brain, the numbers are still high enough to get distribution, massive parallelism and stochastic behaviors, and also moment to moment ~feel, some of it even rational, all closely coupled through hydrogen-bonding with our own  inbound and outbound expressions. On another side of things are such vague terms as introspection and mind and consciousness which of course point quizzically toward the layered un-sub-conscious.

Briefly, though it strikes of dark post-modern blasphemy, it is simple to see that the archaic term "qualia" does nothing except squat as a placeholder, waiting, expressing its own approximation of the underlying feeling, predicting or prophesying the actual analog math that was always in place and functioning. So, though the dismissal or replacement seems strange and very immature at first, qualia, all qualia condense and collapse in an instant and are gone; converted into the actual internal analog math.

The awkwardness here is almost too much to face. Clearly the argument is that shifting over to the simplified analog math, in fact even admitting the possibility that such simplified analog math and the multiple-state visualizations it supports are even possible much less so clearly close at hand and always in operation, why, it is too surprisingly large an oversight to admit.  Once seen, it is too  apparent.

And, why yes, this new model IS a hideously quick and dirty approximation of the equation of quantum gravity which may one day be refined into abstract symbolic expressions. But notice: those refined symbols and expressions  are YET to be created and expressed. 

That, generally, is the very point. When the door swings open, the new conceptual model that works is what emerges first.
This particular compact simplification does, in fact, allow and facilitate another move forward. The laborious  heavy lifting has already been done. The immovable block has been raised up. The rollers are all in place. Now to apply lubricant and the slightest pressure to get the load to rotate slightly and roll forward...

In a land where things are both wave and particle, I often think  things are also both pan-psychic AND emergent. Or, to put it another way, why, in our arguments are there just the two states, and why fuss about the struggle once the misunderstanding has been revealed? Image bearers can only do what image bearers do. Whether we are aware of it or not, there is always the big merger and acquisition afoot.

Lastly, and though disjointed, I think the following relates, in the persistent respiration where surfaces are re-coated from the inside-out with wave after replicating wave of slightly varying structural coding, where interactive structures are formed and exported in either slightly or dramatically varying nuance, rather than "recursion", in the actual  internal analog math what is dominant is replication. Yes, there is slight and wonderful variation, but generally the surroundings structurally code the emerging ordered water layer; the ordered water layer structurally codes through the hydrogen-bonding into the protein-folding and the organic layers. New memories are formed or prior ones strengthened as the ordered water patterns are bound into the newly formed protein matrices. And throughout, there is still, like the secondary loop quantum gravities -- the dances of complementary secondary energy gradients -- resonance of similar coded structures echo --replicate-- internally or externally, "being heard".

Throughout this process and back again, of course the resonance "feels like" all sorts of  various things that we have already or are in the process of registering, that is, that we are in the process of expressing.

Think about it.

Ralph Frost

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