Sunday, July 5, 2009

Implementing longer-term memory in the ordered water model

In the "ordered water" trial theory of consciousness, the neurology is seen as secondary to and dependent upon the underlying respiration reaction. Taking a closer look at this somewhat odd, but also old notion it turn out that the energy flow in the neurology does indeed have it's origin in respiration -- that respiration is primary and neurology is secondary. Focusing in closer on the respiration reaction itself, here simplified to:

organics + oxygen => carbon dioxide + water + energy flow      (Rxn #1)

it also turns out that there are some 10^20 water molecules per second being formed (body-wide). This investigator has noticed that this incredible internal structural flux presents us with several intriguing opportunities to account for some of our various *feelings*, impressions and potentially, even our thoughts as being "scribbled in the ordered water".