Saturday, May 30, 2009

Reading outside the box

One definite resistance to making smooth, fluid progress in this specific paradigm transition is facing up to the fact that all abstract math symbols and expressions arise from, and thus are secondary to some sort of internal analog math symbols and expression. We may not know what to call it  or how to describe it, but clearly this internal analog math is what exists and occurs within human consciousness.  The analog math precedes the abstract math.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mistakes were made...

In a reply to Steve Jarosek in the Neuroscience as the New Philogiston thread on JSC-Online, I made (at least) one mistake in describing the number of water molecules per hour being produced during human respiration. I went from the 29.6 grams of oxygen per hour consumed by respiring humans (see: ) and calculated that 11.2 x 10^23 water molecules per hour (body-wide) would result. Those of you who check my math probably see that I simply converted the oxygen to water and thereby ignored the stochiometry of and carbon dioxide in the glycolosis respiration reaction.

Being a bit more careful, ciphering on:

C6H12O6 + 6O2 -> 6CO2 + 6H2O + some energy flow...

the 29.6 grams per hour of oxygen ought to yield about 16.65 grams per hour of water molecules being produced which amounts to 0.925 moles per hour which further fractionates down into 5.57x10^23 of water molecules being formed per hour, again, body-wide. This boils down to 1.55x10^20 molecules per second, which, stacked in packets of 12 would give 1.29x10^19 ordered water units per second each one capable of arranging, due to the specific structured duality of water molecules, in 6^12 or 2.2 billion different patterns or signal associations.

Similar quantities of water molecules, and/or various 6^n ordered water units would be occurring within and/or may help to create periods of gamma synchrony, etc.

Please make a note of this correction. 5/29/2009

Best regards,
Ralph Frost

"Read the book" while doing the lab exercises.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Introduction to Paradigm Mechanics

Three-hundred and fifty orbits into the first phase of the scientific method big problems begin to surface. The call goes out. There's trouble in the paradigm. Reality is not exactly just space, time, energy and matter. Reality turns out to be fundamentally, something else. Discerning what the remedial expression is is one challenge, but worse than that is how the culture-transforming change can be slid in place, on the fly, with minimal disruption so as to, hopefully, avoid a so-called Mayan Collapse. The task, basically, that is, how the game of paradigm mechanics is successfully played, comes down to inserting essentially just one remedial, corrective expression that self-validates and self-perpetuates. As always, that task further boils down, again, to seeking a thought worthy of speech.