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...A Trial Theory of Consciousness:

Regarding prediction,  in the last decade,  after asking myself about the source  of energy for synaptic displays measured by many devices in popular use in neuroscience, I remembered that the source of our energy  is the respiration reaction:

      organics + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + water + some energy flow

Visualizing this reaction occurring in the various distributed respiration sites, I focused upon the regular formation of water molecules in every site and, considering or assuming that each molecule is roughly  tetrahedral in shape with two plus and two minus vertices, came to  see that as each molecule formed, it  could do so in one of, say, six orientations. Thus a sequence of n molecules at one site would relate to a  6^n multiple-state pattern. Thus, 12 molecules could theoretically be forged in 6^12, or about 2 billion different instances or associations.  Body-wise, since people consume about 160 kg of oxygen per year, this system turns out to be running, roughly,  at a rate of 10^20 units per second, day in, and day out. 

Now, if one assumes or accepts some physics that repeating sequences of vibrations really ought to induce repeating or similar selections of sequences in the concurrently forming water molecules, then with a fairly small number of words, one arrives at an awareness of  an internal 6^n multiple-state structural coding  system that is naturally forming a reflection of internal and external surroundings and conditions, operating in support of and in concert with "our experience". 

Oddly enough, in such an emerging  trial theory, structurally coded packets of water molecules are also structurally coded packets of hydrogen-bonding and so the one single internal "analog math/language" is closely coupled, through  influences in protein-folding, with motility and all human expression.

Stepping back, one can then focus in on a fairly general theme of structural coding:

1. at the genetic level as working or mediating slow change (as well as noting the intriguing connections with recent research:  [DNA waves and water,  L. Montagnier, J. Aissa, E. Del Giudice, C. Lavallee, A. Tedeschi, and G. Vitiello -  Dec 23, 2010]

2. at the protein-synthesis level influential faster change in metabolism and the formation of longer-term memory, and presently,

3. in the on-going ebb and flow dynamics of  the internal 6^n, 10^20 per second  patterns forming in the primary respiration reaction layer of our being.

Acquiring a provisional appreciation for such an alternate trial theory  allows one (or me, at least) to propose that the primary level of patterning activity IS at this atomic/molecular level of organization in our primary energetics. The reaction is old as the hills and is "always going on".  The structures are "always" being formed in respiring cells and actually, they have little option other than to form in about the same way given repeating signals.  A care-giver yelling, "HOT!", to a child one day ought to have about the same influence on the concurrently forming sequences of water molecules in affected cells.  If such artifacts populate the interior of an affected cell then those artifacts ought to be the ones that become enmeshed in bound water layers of newly forming proteins in the proximity thus allowing for  an alternate, "internal", method of developing a common signal in associated "cells/regions" which precede and thus aide in explaining at least some of  the observed subsequent , secondary neural networking.  The connections re-form between similarly resonant sites since they have common persistent internal structurally  coded markers --  at the hydrogen-bonding level.

And so the story goes... With such a common internal analog language, features of memory, imagination, dreaming, creative thought, impressions, "qualia", reactive fight-flight impulses, synthenesia, gut feelings, as well as the effectiveness of insight and/or "admitting sin" or "body-work" in healing of emotional/developmental problems, etc., begin to make some common sense. 

Acquiring or adding such a visualizable ubiquitous singular multiple-state system has some intriguing aspects when it comes to considering our naturally occurring, interactive systems of expression and prediction.

Best regards,
Dr. Ralph Frost

"Imagine consciousness as a single internal analog language made of ordered water forged during respiration in concert with experience."  Ralph. Frost ~1990

Consider a common structured duality.

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