Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The six orientations of a water molecule ( binary tetrahedral unit) within an enfolding field

It turns out, given that a water molecule is tetrahedral-like and has two positive and two negative vertices, or regions, that within an enfolding field, each molecule that forms can do so in one of (at least) six -- a small number of -- different ways.

n              n             n
\   n          \   s         \   s
 \ /            \ /           \ /
 / \            / \           / \
s   s          s   n         n   s

s             s            s
\   n         \   n        \   s
 \ /           \ /          \ /
 / \           / \          / \
s   n         n   s        n   n

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thinking of the new noun.

An early task in the budding science of consciousness is to think the new thought and discover the new noun that can be swapped into place for "consciousness" thereby properly defining the science. Not to belabor the point, the new word is "structured duality", getting us to the "science of structured duality", which is to say, an accurate and informative statement that allows us to now move forward.

For those new to this discussion it might helpful to take a moment to consider consciousness as, and as akin to the new phlogiston. That is,