Monday, February 25, 2013

Comment to Colin Hales re: Bionic Brain project

Comment to Colin Hales:

Hey, Colin,

Some thoughts on your bionic brain project.  In my storyline, on inquiring on the source of energy which some people say sparks through the neural networks and allegedly does the heavy lifting in all of neuron doctrine consciousness,  I noticed that most of our energy comes from the aerobic respiration reaction:

organics + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + water + some energy flow

and in that, I noticed that the 10^20 water molecules generated per second (body-wide -- 160 kg  O2 per person per year) at this lower level of organization can structurally code in an internal  6^n analog math or structural coding   motif as n-length hydrogen-bonding packets. This begets all of us with a changing  internal representation of our unique surroundings,  which, through influences in protein-folding, also connects nicely with all human expression and memory.

If you notice, in this level of activity, "problem-solving" can be done by more effective and coordinated

Sunday, February 17, 2013

3-ply sock: strongly, stochastically and rarely repeating subjectivity

In my own attempts at exploring Comenius's mid-1600's  suggestion to find the general principle underlying ~all  knowledge and then arriving at nested structured~duality as a quick and dirty approximation --in principle-- often I consider myself agnostic on purpose however I do see the value in the assumption of purpose to furthering and broadening one's model-building experience.

My attempt to give a non-empty concept of  'purpose' (with special thanks to Jo Edwards for asking)  would have something to do with developing an increased resonance, and I might have to say that "purpose"  was like a slang term for an increase in unity.

So, you might think of 'purpose'  as like a gauge or a ~quale, a sheen or radiance.   More resonance. More coherence. Shiny. Or, perhaps just as another nesting level.

But, to grasp and appreciate any of that, you would likely also need to upload and invoke  all three forms of nested repeatable subjectivity: strong, stochastic, and rare --inter-woven like a 3-ply sock-- to replace Descartes' approximation -- the smaller, flat, more limiting western subject-object module. 

If you follow, even if reluctantly,  perhaps you will notice that in shifting to the more unified ~3-ply sock model all the rare and so-called ~random stuff fits nicely in the rarely repeating subjectivity category. Otherwise, I get the impression in the standard western subject-object or subjectivity-objectivity framework, the inn is full with just science, and thus instead of embracing "both and more" the party line in many of those attending western philosophical variations appears to foster or rationally require exclusion and resorting solely to either-or.

3-ply sock:  strongly, stochastically and rarely repeatable subjectivity.

Best regards,
Ralph Frost

With joy you will draw water
from the wells of salvation.  Isaiah 12:3

Friday, February 15, 2013

Putting structured~duality to work

[Reply/Post to jcs-online  Feb 15, 2013]

Dear Craig "Multisense" The Spyglass Guy,

Sí, Matey. Tierra a la vista.  Y está anidado.  (w/ thanks to

Or is that just the same old Spanish coastline nested within a fog bank seen through a cloudy lens?  .-)

Your instance of nested structured~duality does have many nice features and you raise or point at many relevant issues or questions.

By far, your best word, in my estimation, is "multi-sense" (or however you may spell it).  And, of course I have a large, fluid warm spot in my heart for my understanding or recognition of some of your "sensory-motive"  imagery.

I have some conflicts, from my perspective, with a couple of  what may be your treasured points, but then

Friday, February 8, 2013

Right-sizing objective reality

In my regular practice as a budding paradigm mechanic people often pass the office door complaining about a bad case of objective reality.  The claim usually goes something like this:

"Well, you see, doc, I am certain that objective reality exists, but I can't find any proof of it anywhere.   And, well, the more I look, the more I become dis-heartened, and, truthfully, I start snapping at people who believe something different and don't seem to have ANY major problem with objective reality whatsoever.  How can that BE?  It's maddening, and, well, a little bit frightening, too. Oh yeah.  The problem seems to be getting worse."

"Tell me about it," I say, "And just, for the record,  how long has this been a problem for you?" I ask as I wonder if they might be more able to listen and hear if the issue is described as an unfortunate infection or inflammation perhaps picked up in an academic bathroom, or more like a troublesome cyst or currently only a small benign  brain tumor.

 After listening for a while to all of the convoluted symptoms and the greatly complexified secondary rationalizations, I usually develop a feeling that I can't contain and compulsively blurt out something to the effect of...

"So what you're telling me is you are suffering from a delusion, or having some type of rational hallucination as a direct result of you believing and trying to operate upon a false belief, do I have that right?"

Never once in all the long, long years of my practice has anyone ever replied with a hearty 'Yes!' on the first go around.  And, paying homage to the values of our denial, suppression and resistance  I expect it is completely unreasonable to expect it could ever be any other way.   But, in any event the wedge has been set and the IV has been started. 

Often, I write a few words on a scrap of paper and roll it up and give it to them in a capsule  -- no charge, of course -- and ask them to take it two times a day until their case has cleared up.

Invariably, or so I would like to believe, the person will, in fact, recover and move into improved mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  It's apparently got something to do with reducing error.

The curative incantation?  Often, it is simply:  "Repeatable subjectivity".  Look for it in a pill capsule near you.

Best regards,
Ralph Frost

With joy you will draw water
from the wells of salvation. Isaiah 12:3