Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Structured~duality as tenet: ending the temporal era.

Excellent and challenging questions by Otmar and Thom Mandel in jcs-online about
whether structured~duality is noun and/or verb and/or whatever else
prompt me to digress slightly from the consciousness is phlogiston;
structured~duality is fundamental philosophical debate, to place
another keystone in the paradigm bridge.

When a person understands a little bit about structured~duality and
the internal structural coding analog math, then when we review the
modern western science history, what we observe is the initial
Cartesian, basically XYZ cubic structuring of "space" and our model of
space, and then adding the Newtonian extension of "absolute
time". Then we travel  along for a while until Einstein adds a subtle "oops"
correction dialing back on the "absolute time" notion to couple the
absolute space and time so as to introduce non-absolute, ~relative

If a person watches the bouncing ball, it doesn't take a rocket
scientist to recognize that the next or a subsequent likely step in the
paradigm trend is, of course, demoting time as a primary tenet of the
scientific paradigm. Time goes from: absolute; to relative; to
--shall we say?-- non-primary. (Shades of Julian Barbour's The end of Time.)

Now, certainly the BIG Challenge in this step is coming up with the
expression, basically shifting from the set of tenets Einstein
introduced around the year my old house in Brookston was built (1905), to
the set of tenets that retain sufficient backward compatibility and
yet also delivers the halting transition.

This is where structured~duality as a tenet enters in. Once you tie
off the bungee and take a flying leap into the abyss, after coming to
rest ~60 levels of organization ~below the relativistic space-time
model, you can detach and gain your bearings. With reality being
nested structured~duality, experience exists, but time (relativistic
or otherwise) does not.

So, we look at the principle of structured~duality, consider the
associated structural coding and the analog math, and we see what
emerges, or, I suppose I ought to say, we look at what can emerge when
one adopts structured~duality as a tenet.

I assume that readers can already intuitively view the
structured~duality INSIDE "relativistic space-time". That is,
Einstein's storyline is obviously an instance. But when we try on
the proposed shift in tenets, sure we can still use the abstract math
model in the old "space-time" paradigm, but conceptually, with us all
running the 6^n ordered water analog math and von Neumann's "process1"
as we bobble along in the varying mass-density. So, conceptually, we
come down on the side of "multiple-states" (as cast into terms of
nested structured~duality).

In the process, in the paradigm transition, in hearing the soft "CLAP"
time as a tenet shifts to non-primary status and, rather unexpectedly,  the temporal era

That is, we continue to move forward....

Best regards,

Love, joy, peace,
patience, kindness, goodness,
Faithfulness, gentleness, self-control