Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Re: [jcs-online] RE: Re: Pulsating nested fields within nested fields

Very well said, Z7.  Nested processes. No, re-animating our dead temporal  model does not make excellent sense.

Yet, would you go a step further and agree that relying upon a large useful fiction at the very heart of one's conceptual model/scientific paradigm is a rather unscientific, unhelpful  and even  disruptive, threatening  endeavor, long-term?

Assuming we are nested fields within nested fields -- variable mass densities bobbling around within the enfolding quantum-electromagnetic-gravitational fields, nested self-energized encapsulated beings endowed with motility and many other exquisite, creative abilities---- yes, we appear to occupy fixed positions within the slowly changing geologic field, ourselves and our projectiles moving about within space and time , and/or within space-time (earth and near-earth environments), but which conceptual model actually is less fictional and more apt?

The expression which I often favor, "Experience exists; time does not",  may be a tad extreme, but I see it more as an appropriate way --like smacking a rampaging steer across the forehead with a eight foot two-by-four-- just to get the beast's attention.  Wake up!

RE: Are nested structured dualities a series of dilemmas?


As I move  a bit through some of my developmental blocks, edging slightly ~forward through the separation of "good and bad", or not seeing something as "all good, or all bad",  this morning I awoke thinking  that the nested structured~duality  (NSD, as you once referenced it)  in the Frost model is rather like my descriptive yet complicated and evasive way of saying "unified". And,as I pondered upon the nested fractions or levels of organization, and wondered  about all our hyphenated terms: wave-particle, aware-ized energy, structured~duality, space-time, one-half, rational-intuitive, subjective-objective (or rare-strong repeatable subjectivity) ,etc.,  I found myself thinking that some dilemmas  (and perhaps dis-parities)  arise  from our attempts to frame our experience in just ONE way, usually the FIRST way that we experience, encounter, learn, associate, memorize it.  And we walk around attempting to reduce the unified complexity down to just the one way.   

Since reality is nested structured~duality --unified-- our BIG reductive efforts and   attempts fail and we register that paradigmatic conflict as a dilemma. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

RE: Are nested structured dualities a series of dilemmas?

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When you say "disparity" and I say "dilemma", are we talking about the same thing (in general)?

[rf11/7]  In general, I suppose, yes, Tom.   It is Marvin, though, who says disparities, and you who says dilemmas (and/or action-identities), and previously physicists who say wave-particle and previously, others [] who say infinitesimals-indivisibles, and then others who say subjective-objective or tao/yin-yang.   

In general, yes, we're all struggling  to express: "Glurg... yes, lots of differences giving variety and adaptation, but also  reality, our experience, is unified!" 

I am saying nested structured~dualities --more unified-- in attempt to give an approximate working expression to the root class or category. If you look closely, surprisingly enough, the trial theory I am advocating also comes with its own branch into introductory, confirming (analog) math. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pulsating nested fields within nested fields

Thinking while moving inside and outside the box.

On waking today and before reading Verna's prior post (Sept 9, More on time re: David Deutsch's snapshots allegedly ~moving left-to-right) -- and on day-3 of a water fast, I awoke pondering the paradigm transition: flat-to-curvy-to-nested.  
Verna's provocative  point, to me, was in her laying out the snapshots and then describing how we label one snapshot as 'now' and then impose  or overlay our habitual Cartesian-like left-to-right ~motion/development assumption and then get into our typical notions about the passage or flow of 'time'.  
In the trial theory I am advocating,  which holds that reality is nested structured~duality  or nested fields  within nested fields,  I'm getting the impression it is advantageous to consider that each snapshot (to continue on with Deutsch's/Verna's imagery)  is  predominantly pulsating ~in/out supported by/forming from the underlying nested fields within nested fields.