Tuesday, April 19, 2011

From: The Unwritten Handbook of Paradigm Mechanics

It's a snap to dial back to 1640 and step over to Comenius's path, then insert the underlying general principle so as to see all of reality as nested structured duality. Child's play, really. And we're remediating or adding only one step and back in our group's development just a mere 350 years. But, that path doesn't need to or require tanking science and religion. It mainly implements a smooth shift and roll down into the more unified scientific view of the local region, on-the-fly, and then we all blast forward together. Obviously,  the more coherent appreciation of our shared biological connections will naturally develop as such a more unified perspective becomes adopted.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thought for one day.

I still advocate that the group focus in just on the scientific paradigm transition. Dial back to 1640; Comenius pops the question on the underlying general principle; fast-forward to the present era: synergetics, magnetic tetrahedra, nested structured duality, respiration-driven structurally coded consciousness, quantum gravity and ecology makes sense, bend a knee - plant a tree,  care for God,  one another and Heaven and Earth.   Bob's your uncle.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On-goiing conversation in JCS-Online April 1, 2011



Re: Energy, the one and the many

Posted by: "Ralph"   ralphedwardfrost

Fri Apr 1, 2011 12:20 am (PDT)

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>Subject: [jcs-online] Re: Energy, the one and the many
> Hi Ralph, Tom and all,
> Thanks for the comment below, Ralph:-
> [rf] < I expect evidence has already or soon will emerge showing that the types of field punctuations you theorize about here are naturally and readily provided by the small field explosions occurring in the respiration reaction, in massively parallel form. The formation of each water molecule, or a sequence of n-water molecules, for example, presents a certain type of rational field signature within a certain period, structurally tuned or tempered, of course, by multiple layers of ~enzymatic catalysis/inhibition. Respiration sites adjacent in "space-time" (aka, 'the dancing field') would, in effect, sustain, cascade, or resonate/amplify the disruptions into signals.>
> The idea I like is that events with an 'objective' energy sufficiently precise to go with a Heisenberg temporal uncertanty of the same order as EEG frequencies could perhaps allow a translation of meaningful brain activity into modulations of a 'consciousness field'. I'd agree that