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Re: Energy, the one and the many

Posted by: "Ralph"   ralphedwardfrost

Fri Apr 1, 2011 12:20 am (PDT)

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>Subject: [jcs-online] Re: Energy, the one and the many
> Hi Ralph, Tom and all,
> Thanks for the comment below, Ralph:-
> [rf] < I expect evidence has already or soon will emerge showing that the types of field punctuations you theorize about here are naturally and readily provided by the small field explosions occurring in the respiration reaction, in massively parallel form. The formation of each water molecule, or a sequence of n-water molecules, for example, presents a certain type of rational field signature within a certain period, structurally tuned or tempered, of course, by multiple layers of ~enzymatic catalysis/inhibition. Respiration sites adjacent in "space-time" (aka, 'the dancing field') would, in effect, sustain, cascade, or resonate/amplify the disruptions into signals.>
> The idea I like is that events with an 'objective' energy sufficiently precise to go with a Heisenberg temporal uncertanty of the same order as EEG frequencies could perhaps allow a translation of meaningful brain activity into modulations of a 'consciousness field'. I'd agree that

the relevant energetic events could be related to basic metabolism and/or energy states of water, though I think that ion binding to proteins |(especially perhaps Ca++ to CaMKll) or neurotransmitter receptor bindings are probably better candidates because (a) we already know that events of this sort are consciousness related and (b) they are probably more liable to modification of their associated temporal uncertainties by anaesthetics than is basic metabolism.
> But at least we can both begin to see what may be needed to sort out these ideas.


I must admit referencing or pointing at "Heisenberg temporal uncertainty" is a huge step into the unknown for me and I basically do it not for any great love or appreciation of temporal issues (believing as I do that experience, not time, exists) but in the structural coding model I am advocating, the root of our metabolism is, or I project that it is doing some fairly rational structural matrix mechanics, writing out coded structures that reflect an ~image or echo of the features and qualities of our surroundings. I can relate, somewhat to the calcium ion gradient/wave storyline but mostly through noticing that all the calcium ions are hydrated and so while ~you say calcium ion, ~I see more structural coding in the water layer.

My difficulty in tracking on the calcium ion or basically any of the purer quantum mechanical storylines is I can't figure how the quantum mechanical system stores or differentiates quantum information about the calcium ion continuing to be a calcium ion separate from the quantum signals about what I just had for breakfast.

In the model I am presently advocating, if you look close in one view there are massively parallel nested "Turing-like devices" naturally typing out very long sheets of coded bits for one core purpose (respiration) that are/can be also structurally molded as a snapshot by the influence of the surroundings to serve in other life-related purposes or roles (reflection, memory, attraction, urge).

The awkward part of this developing alternative storyline is structural coded stacks of newly formed water molecules are also vast matrix mechanics arrays of active hydrogen bonding. So the core story is tightly coupled with motility and expression through hydrogen bonding mediated protein-folding. Worse still is the clear consistent linkages of structural coding in the genetics, epi-genetics, metabolism, mood, emotion and faster shared expression -- listed slowest to fastest.

Add to this, as you say, influences of anesthetics. I think it is true that any research you point to on connections to calcium ions is automatically also showing connection with the watery storyline. Moreover, if one considers the range of weird and anomalous properties of water, for instance, see a small shift in one or more of these properties could easily disrupt a delicately balanced structural -- or as you might rather say, "Heisenberg temporal uncertainty" balanced system.

No doubt there are multiple ways to influence "consciousness balance", but when I think about going into or coming out of the effects of anesthetics, particularly coming out of the effects, it seems somewhat reasonable to consider a "washout" along a sheet-like surface of nested activity. Okay, yeah, well, I mean, when first injected (or acupunctured), some lights go out and the surgery can begin. Ultimately, the effects flush out or wear off and "consciousness" returns. Life-sustaining metabolism is not disrupted (usually), but registration and memory building of events in the period are blocked from forming. Generally. And, obviously, the temporary loss of "awareness" has limited detrimental effect on life sustaining routines.

In the model I advocate, the shift would seem to be along the active structurally coded ~surface forming the tapestry between all respiration sites. Assume hydrogen boding is just slightly skewed: no snapshot is formed or no registration of the immediately coded sequence is acquired and stored. There is just the loss or slight shift in the structural coding along the multiple functioned surfaces. When we regain "consciousness", usually there is an order to the return of functions. Coordinated protein-folding, balance, and motility, and crystal-clear thinking are the last to return.

Surely it (effect of changes in structural coding -- anesthesia, could be a combination or a nested staged affair -- neural blocks; transmitter concentrations, membrane closures, ionic misalignments, etc., but I would add or throw hydrogen bonding, too, into the pot.

As for the numbers, 160 kg of oxygen per year splits to 10^20 molecules of water per second body-wide. If we have 10^14 cells, each cell is streaming 10^6 water molecules per second, or a thousand per millisecond. There's plenty of room for slop here, particularly in the very large number of much smaller bacteria, some of which may also be aerobic. (We contain about a gallon jug full of bacteria and we apparently share 40 or so of the same genes with our bacterial pals -- intimate bedfellows of our truer "selves", indeed.)

I guess we go along and see what types of evidence emerges.

Thanks for your comments.

All the best,


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