Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bio-dark matter as ~sp^3 center connector

Hey, Philip,

Regarding your statement below of 'invisible nested structure', being made of dark matter/bio-dark matter,  I can somewhat relate to your proposal by pointing at what I call the center connector - the brass-wire-tube (or plexiglas) construction that I use to align and ~hold four rod magnets along the radii of a tetrahedron that I use in my magnetic tetrahedral analog math.  Without some such structure  or tensegrity the magnets would just collapse into a tight ground-state, non-3d pile.  With it, the three dimensional (tetrahedral) structure persists.

The analogy of such an aligning structure, I believe, would or could or might  extend ~down to the ~tetrahedral sp^3 hybridized molecular bonding level of organic molecules (see images -- ) wherein,  potentially, in the storyline you propose, collections of bio-dark matter would or could  be serving as like  "center connectors" maintaining the flexible, within limits, mostly tetrahedral arrangements and inverting/reactive structures of the related (bio) atoms/collections.

I mean,  potentially, as 'center connector', might be one way to visualize how ~light and ~dark matters might be ~working together potentially giving life its special properties.    (Also, serving as some poetic account for: "...made in our image...")

I guess this proposed insertion of dark matter at that level might raise questions or issues, too, relating somewhat to quantum mechanics since QM calculations, I believe, presently calculate/predict the tetrahedral - sp^3 hybridized and similar types of adaptive structures also found empirically in, say, crystallography, etc., but supposedly just calculated from (assumed) properties of the "light-matter-only" regular chemistry atoms or their sub-atom particles and forces.

I suppose then, also,  ~dark matter could or might or would have to take on some further types of structural coding roles that we (that is, mathematicians) presently and traditionally  might visualize and think of as being "~purely mathematical structures" and/or related to logic, mathematical logic, etc. well as giving some account for all the many instances of nested structured~duality  found in, and making up, say, philosophies of mathematics, or in all the various philosophies in general, which seem to oscillate or partition  between  mental/mathematical and/or physical  --   invisible  and visible/sensible  realms or fractions.   The same might also give some account of Wigner's 'unreasonable effectiveness' of mathematics.

IF dark matter et. al., is or becomes a happening thing, then it seems it ought to be spread out in various places and niches and would have influences in key  levels of organization and phenomena than just in the astrophysical expansion, or as Paul Werbos says, the noospheric level.

...Probably, as you have been trying to express for a few years...