Monday, June 29, 2015

A few thoughts on paradigm mechanics.

It is one thing to hypothesize about negotiating and successfully navigating through the various initial paradigm mechanical twists and turns involved in transitioning from the initial phase of the western scientific method into the more unified  scientific perspective.  It's quite another thing, though, to actually do it.  The task, or key aspects of it, seemingly are too big to bear, or, at least to bear and acknowledge.  Envisioning the potential and need for paradigm change is pretty simple and straightforward.  Discerning and communicating specifics of first steps on the new principle, tenets, computational symbolics and math are quite another. 

Based on the shift in signals I am experiencing recently, I am now assuming I have been somewhat successful in the initial definitions and communications.  My impression is there is a "disturbance in the force", so to speak. The tenor in rejections coming my way has shifted.  The Big Picture image of transitioning from Descartes' 375 year-old cube/subject-object model to the newly emerged nested fields within nested fields model is something now more than speculative or overly speculative. It's no longer potential.

In June of 2015, the western scientific paradigm transition is now fully underway.

In this immediate, what might be called the slightly awkward provisional, transitional phase, there are a few very serious issues for participants to periodically consider.   One large issue is the rather  large tangle of western science and western religions, particularly, with most people's conception of  the western cultures "being Christian".  

Is the West REALLY Christian, as in solidly, predominantly loving and giving Christ-followers?   Or, are we just money and resource grubbing western science   believers?  The issue we face is one of mistaken identity. A certain part of the jihad, or at least some critical thinking needs to be applied directly within the dominant western scientific paradigm.    That is the problematic,  slightly unbalanced, slightly misguided world-directing global influential belief system.  Generally, we don't give that obvious  issue much thought, however,  that is where the easy-picking low-hanging fruit is for us.

Because it is an initial phase one scientific paradigm, it is destined for change. That's obvious.   We are just not very experienced in implementing changes, on-the-fly, in our  365-24-7 global real-time scientific paradigm.

That is where Frost Scientific and paradigm mechanics have come in to play.

Would you like to participate in the paradigm transition?