Saturday, May 17, 2014

Can you help with a math problem?

Can you help with a math problem?

One of the apparent weaknesses of the paradigm change storyline (see: http:\\ ) that I am advocating is, when I say people need to "begin with tetrahedron", rather than with the XYZ-cube,   that is NOT an easy sell on several counts.  First off, ALL of us are who are able to read these sentences have already been indoctrinated  or educated or initialized into the cube-first orientation.  And there generally is really no going back, completely, for us.  We start with what's given.  So the best WE may be able to do do is perhaps just  ADD tetrahedron to our thinking and nest it somehow  as primary within our engrained cubism.

Secondly,  though,  there is the large matter of calculation and so-called coorelation with rationality.  In our traditional cube-first initializations, we are intensely satisfied  with observing that a stack of 3 blocks wide by 3 blocks long always involves 9 blocks. And if we stack these three layers deep there are  27 blocks which is also  9 plus 9 plus 9, three times nine and also three cubed.  So, the cubic orientation  comes with this rather inherent counting math flowing quite directly from its basic cubic structure.  The patterns are so rational, efficient and useful.  Everybody likes them.

But when when crawl through the opening in the dominant paradigm shield wall and we saunter  over