Monday, August 12, 2013

Re: Time again- Einstein's nesting problem

Dear Jo, Verna, and all,

Pardon me if I go out on a limb in this post but some of what you are both saying sets Einstein's nesting problem up like a golf ball on a tee, and assuming my poor one-eyed depth perception allows it, I'd like to club at it with a baseball bat.

Taking the longer background view, we're traveling a path where Descartes idealized space in the image of the cube then Newton and navigational history added absolute time.  Einstein and others came along to qualify that time  is relative and merged time with space just  as others peered into the fabric a bit more to discern some of the multiple quantum states.

Very roughly, here we all are, using a faster version of the global Guggenheim printing press, and, locally, here in the jcs-online niche we are trying to factor in and/or illuminate the what and how of ~consciousness  within modern science.

In the storyline I am advocating, here on the cusp of quantum gravity, there is an almost unspeakable underlying general principle supporting reality being nested fields within nested fields.  And notice that this image is different and meant to be, let's call it, "inward" from our familiar views where time or space-time  is a so-called fundamental dimension.

To get to and consider Einstein's nesting problem(s), though,  we first need to shift over to reality being nested fields within nested fields and then look a little closer at what he keeps claiming are  clocks, yardsticks and  observers and observers' frames of reference.

Do you see the problem or opportunity yet?

As nested fields within nested fields, the observer has a different energy and frequency from the clock but the observer also contains the idealized distinctions or associations (nested fields within nested fields) of "clock" and "time" and "observer".

Friday, August 2, 2013