Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The six orientations of a water molecule ( binary tetrahedral unit) within an enfolding field

It turns out, given that a water molecule is tetrahedral-like and has two positive and two negative vertices, or regions, that within an enfolding field, each molecule that forms can do so in one of (at least) six -- a small number of -- different ways.

n              n             n
\   n          \   s         \   s
 \ /            \ /           \ /
 / \            / \           / \
s   s          s   n         n   s

s             s            s
\   n         \   n        \   s
 \ /           \ /          \ /
 / \           / \          / \
s   n         n   s        n   n

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thinking of the new noun.

An early task in the budding science of consciousness is to think the new thought and discover the new noun that can be swapped into place for "consciousness" thereby properly defining the science. Not to belabor the point, the new word is "structured duality", getting us to the "science of structured duality", which is to say, an accurate and informative statement that allows us to now move forward.

For those new to this discussion it might helpful to take a moment to consider consciousness as, and as akin to the new phlogiston. That is,

Thursday, October 15, 2009

QGEM: Quantum Gravitational Enhanced Meditation: An introduction to quantum gravity

So, here we are in the early 21st century riding along on a complex soliton  wave curving into the  more unified scientific models.  For lack of a better phrase, we might just as well call the emerging, more unified model  "quantum gravity" due to the upheavals last century in quantum mechanics and  so-called relativity.  Things are compressing and expanding again  as the classical model peels away revealing the underlying non-linear, non-classical, more unified  features.

It's a disquieting thought, to try to come up to periscope depth and face this paradigm shift in science. It's awkward, inconvenient,

Sunday, August 30, 2009

More on the structure of water from SLAC via World Science

"Dance restaurant" theory of water takes shape
Aug. 14, 2009 Courtesy SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and World Science staff

Everyone knows water -- it shapes our bodies and our planet. But de­spite this abundance, the molecular structure of water has remained a mystery. Com­pared to other liquids, water has strange properties that are still poorly understood.

Recent work at the U.S. Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and universities in Sweden and Japan, though, is shedding new light on water’s molecular idiosyncrasies, offering insight into its odd properties.

How water molecules arrange themselves in the substance’s solid form, ice, was long ago established: the molecules form a tight “tetrahedral” lattice, with each molecule binding to four others.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Implementing longer-term memory in the ordered water model

In the "ordered water" trial theory of consciousness, the neurology is seen as secondary to and dependent upon the underlying respiration reaction. Taking a closer look at this somewhat odd, but also old notion it turn out that the energy flow in the neurology does indeed have it's origin in respiration -- that respiration is primary and neurology is secondary. Focusing in closer on the respiration reaction itself, here simplified to:

organics + oxygen => carbon dioxide + water + energy flow      (Rxn #1)

it also turns out that there are some 10^20 water molecules per second being formed (body-wide). This investigator has noticed that this incredible internal structural flux presents us with several intriguing opportunities to account for some of our various *feelings*, impressions and potentially, even our thoughts as being "scribbled in the ordered water".

Friday, June 19, 2009

Intriguing Link to Yale Study on Brain Energy...

Neural imaging tracks on 1% of  the brain's energy flow or activity. What's the rest of the picture?  World Science lists a recent Yale study -- "Brain energy use proposed as key to understanding consciousness".  

Related to the ordered water/respiration  trial theory, the so-called coded ordered water model  of consciousness that is emerging  here,  our respiration reactions  are steadily  creating some 10^20 odd water molecules per second body-wide, with a large fraction forming in the brain.   This quantity is an oxygen equivalent, or ATP-energy equivalent in our systems.  

Concurrent with the energy flow, however,  is the immediate creation of stacks and sequences of water molecules which form in particular, individually repeatable ways related to surrounding influences (our experience). This shifting formation  "conditions" an individual's base-level structured duality ahead of neural/synaptic energy-consuming activity.  This on-going reflection of  our surroundings, through the province of hydrogen-bonding, is naturally linked with protein-folding and replication  and thus with expression and motility.  In this manner there is a natural link with optimizing energy transactions which surface to us  as generally helpful responses to stimuli, ie., intelligent responses -- consciousness.

The Yale study group, probably unaware of the existence of the trial theory here may see things differently...  but their results point attention beyond the firefly sparks monitored in standard neural activity imaging. 

What's next?    Stay tuned...

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quick and dirty summary - 1977 to 2009...

...The real "magical thinking"  is in the emergence of the notions I am presenting which, itself, is one instance of consciousness. It starts with a "near-death" event September 27, 1977 followed immediately by the auditory event of "How would you like to present a scientific discovery?" Then discovery of the world's first magnetic tetrahedron and then the foot-draggingly slow period of ineffabilty -- of "So what?". Then noticing the the five primary patterns, and, the secondary one that arise when the tetrahedron is primary and then inserted within the secondary XYZ framework. [That is, the order of being conscious of things, how the frameworks are sequenced influences the nature of what and how we are conscious of things.] Then noticing that "consciousness is carbon-based", then seeing the ubiquitous binary tetrahedral pattern, then noticing the ordered water level, and the internal analog language, then the respiration reaction forging echoes of our experience in the 6^n analog language -- the structured conditioning close in with the protein folding and synthesis. More recently, noticing the 10^20th water molecules per second that are emerging from all the respiration sites in everyone's body into the on-going 6^n analog math. The numbers AND the haptics and the protein folding are still working out.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Relating to Libet's delay...

I found a post linking to, or hand-wavingly explaining Libet's apparent delay in consciousness...

This  was written December 10, 2008, a week before discovering I needed a surprise quintuple bypass surgery.  The idea is, or was, Libet measured a half second delay - neurons firing AFTER a response.  Consider that the response is actually done in  the ordered water level of  organization and the neuronal firing occurs afterwards when, for instance, the event is written to backup  memory  or sent for further reporting or coordination.

Think about it.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Belief in things unseen... Haptics as primary

I wrote a post recently in the jsc-online (Yahoo Group) which started out on the spiritual thin ice but that, after a fashion, did circle around to uncover some interesting possibilities. The overall gist is that the general consensus seems to be that vision is a dominant sense and it seems to be electromagnetically active and ..therefore most everyone's conclusion is.. consciousness ought to be electromagnetic leading to the various electromagnetic/quantum_whatever theories and models about consciousness.

Considering the various senses, though -- touch, taste, smell, hearing -- these all look, feel, and are quite haptic and/or involving structural, molecular steric hindrance sorts of influences. While we may be  familiar with various "holographic models" which invoke strong "visual" associations, consider the more intriguing and agreeable situation where "visual" does turn out to be, like the other senses, working on a subtle haptic -- molecular torquing. Yes we can attempt a more complex electromagnetic/dynamic description, but look what happens when we don't, when we settle in with just the haptics.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Reading outside the box

One definite resistance to making smooth, fluid progress in this specific paradigm transition is facing up to the fact that all abstract math symbols and expressions arise from, and thus are secondary to some sort of internal analog math symbols and expression. We may not know what to call it  or how to describe it, but clearly this internal analog math is what exists and occurs within human consciousness.  The analog math precedes the abstract math.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mistakes were made...

In a reply to Steve Jarosek in the Neuroscience as the New Philogiston thread on JSC-Online, I made (at least) one mistake in describing the number of water molecules per hour being produced during human respiration. I went from the 29.6 grams of oxygen per hour consumed by respiring humans (see: ) and calculated that 11.2 x 10^23 water molecules per hour (body-wide) would result. Those of you who check my math probably see that I simply converted the oxygen to water and thereby ignored the stochiometry of and carbon dioxide in the glycolosis respiration reaction.

Being a bit more careful, ciphering on:

C6H12O6 + 6O2 -> 6CO2 + 6H2O + some energy flow...

the 29.6 grams per hour of oxygen ought to yield about 16.65 grams per hour of water molecules being produced which amounts to 0.925 moles per hour which further fractionates down into 5.57x10^23 of water molecules being formed per hour, again, body-wide. This boils down to 1.55x10^20 molecules per second, which, stacked in packets of 12 would give 1.29x10^19 ordered water units per second each one capable of arranging, due to the specific structured duality of water molecules, in 6^12 or 2.2 billion different patterns or signal associations.

Similar quantities of water molecules, and/or various 6^n ordered water units would be occurring within and/or may help to create periods of gamma synchrony, etc.

Please make a note of this correction. 5/29/2009

Best regards,
Ralph Frost

"Read the book" while doing the lab exercises.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Introduction to Paradigm Mechanics

Three-hundred and fifty orbits into the first phase of the scientific method big problems begin to surface. The call goes out. There's trouble in the paradigm. Reality is not exactly just space, time, energy and matter. Reality turns out to be fundamentally, something else. Discerning what the remedial expression is is one challenge, but worse than that is how the culture-transforming change can be slid in place, on the fly, with minimal disruption so as to, hopefully, avoid a so-called Mayan Collapse. The task, basically, that is, how the game of paradigm mechanics is successfully played, comes down to inserting essentially just one remedial, corrective expression that self-validates and self-perpetuates. As always, that task further boils down, again, to seeking a thought worthy of speech.