Saturday, May 30, 2009

Reading outside the box

One definite resistance to making smooth, fluid progress in this specific paradigm transition is facing up to the fact that all abstract math symbols and expressions arise from, and thus are secondary to some sort of internal analog math symbols and expression. We may not know what to call it  or how to describe it, but clearly this internal analog math is what exists and occurs within human consciousness.  The analog math precedes the abstract math.

The dominant, prevailing scientific worldview storyline, though, in contrast, holds abstract math in the lofty, superior position. It is perhaps taboo to even THINK the contrary thought, thus making this paradigm shift meet with substantial resistance. Ultimately, this challenge can be overcome simply by remembering and relying upon the central, empirical nature of the scientific method: do the experiment. Yet, in doing so, we face stepping up to "read"  very strange and unfamiliar,  actually immature, analog math symbols and expressions!  It's uncomfortable. That's the nature of this or any other paradigm transition. Yet, the abstract math expressions simply do not have the power. In "technical terms" the abstract math symbols  are simple not robust enough nor synchronous enough to spark and sustain the new awareness or the transition into the new awareness.

This sounds like a fairly hokey, self-serving marketing ploy when first encountered. Read an analog book? What's an analog book? Why can't I just read the standard abstract math expressions printed with ASCII-type characters? Even add in the Greek alphabet!  Are you saying the new model really can't be chiseled in stone in our familiar, beloved  Roman Numerals?? 

While it may be hard to adapt to, fortunately, reading an analog book is equal to doing some hands-on lab exercises. If one does the lab work, one gets the benefit. Like doing "wrench-work", exploring the analog math builds physical intuition. Otherwise, continuing to  assume that the secondary abstract math is primary, like all wrong thoughts,  will continue to block the migration into the new fields of physical intuition. It will likely stay blocked for a while ...but not forever.  Again, experience, experiment, is the key to scientific discovery and learning.  It's time to start  reading outside the box, to learn and use more unified, more robust analog math symbols and expressions.

Think about it. Consider what it might mean for you, your children and your children's children's children to read an analog book.

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