Monday, February 25, 2013

Comment to Colin Hales re: Bionic Brain project

Comment to Colin Hales:

Hey, Colin,

Some thoughts on your bionic brain project.  In my storyline, on inquiring on the source of energy which some people say sparks through the neural networks and allegedly does the heavy lifting in all of neuron doctrine consciousness,  I noticed that most of our energy comes from the aerobic respiration reaction:

organics + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + water + some energy flow

and in that, I noticed that the 10^20 water molecules generated per second (body-wide -- 160 kg  O2 per person per year) at this lower level of organization can structurally code in an internal  6^n analog math or structural coding   motif as n-length hydrogen-bonding packets. This begets all of us with a changing  internal representation of our unique surroundings,  which, through influences in protein-folding, also connects nicely with all human expression and memory.

If you notice, in this level of activity, "problem-solving" can be done by more effective and coordinated
structural coding in the ordered water layer  or else perhaps  in pounding more energy toward a solution or waiting from the answer to grow in place. In any event, hopefully you can notice that the likely ~best solution should typically do more of the ~work in the structural coding which would facilitate a shortened path and more energy conserved for other purposes. That is, energy conservation "makes sense" in more ways than one.   Also, in this design, and with the ordered water layer coupled with the neural level of organization,  when there is a call for something to fill a new or special gap, say to bring an ineffable impression into being, closure involves  new protein-folded structures replete with bound water layers grown in the ~right place(s).

I'd encourage you to incorporate  these energy generation/conservation/representation/influence and water-like and carbon-like structural coding and replication features into the lower levels of your bionic brain design.  Maybe even the 6^n structural coding.  The low level energy conservation balanced with structural coding, I think, is likely a core or central driver in all aspects of the sense-making process.  I'd encourage you to factor these  features into your  design rather than, say, to rely on batteries or grid power.

In the larger sphere, I suppose you might also need to figure on some analog for carbon dioxide being supplied back to the regenerative photosynthetic nesting level, but that may not be necessary for your initial versions -- unless you should  have a good, deep, big insight on that linkage, which I believe you are capable of having.

Good luck with it!

Best regards,
Ralph Frost

With joy you will draw water
from the wells of  salvation. Isaiah 12:3


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