Monday, April 4, 2016

Mathematics IS structure -- Changing the scientific paradigm.

Sitting with the uncomfortable feeling of actually changing scientific paradigms, periodically, there are waves of impressions, or insights which pass through me, most of which seem too large  (or too compressed) to put into words. The basic feeling then is something like, "Oh, the people who later do make the transition, or a similar one, they will understand, they will appreciate, they have this, and more, ahead of them...".

But some impressions persist or grow such that they hopefully are thoughts worthy of speech.

The current impressions are cryptic ones, like "mathematics IS structure", or "~consciousness IS chemical stoichiometry", which seem some trite and obvious as to be nonsensical.  And, of course, these statements ARE trite and obvious, and bordering on nonsensical, particularly if viewed from one paradigm or another.   But when considered as transitional expressions forming the paradigm shield wall... perhaps there is more to see.