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The Frost model -- was :Re: A Quote

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> Ralph Frost on Wed, Jul 24, 2013 wrote:
> >Nested structured~duality; nested structural coding; nested fields 
> >within nested fields.
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> [S.P.] You forgot to mention the "nested structured frequency". 

[ralph]Yeah, thanks, Serge.  Since my synonyms may multiply and because frost is one of the most powerful crystallizing forces of nature, we may just need to switch over to and call a spade a spade -- the Frost model.

> So, it is how you see Reality, it is your meta-theory. Well. Now, please, demonstrate what applied theory can be constructed within the limits of your meta-theory.

[ralph] The imagery, the conceptual model generally comes out as "reality is nested structured~duality". I don't feel the need to capitalize reality, but that's neither here or there -- not a big thing. Or is it?

Or, I suppose for some it may be more informative to track on reality being nested fields within nested fields. It is a slightly more unified, more robust step up from dominant western scientific storyline.

>  I mean, what phenomena or processes you are able or going to explain. For instance, how your epistemological framework can help in explaining the mechanisms of perception, experiencing or knowing something?
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> With respect,
> Serge Patlavskiy

[ralph] I've been over this ground before but the general pattern, for instance, explains and accounts for the western cube/subject-object model, and the eastern tao/yin-yang paradigm.  The principle is the metadigm -- the model for all paradigms:  pick a structure; pick one or more ~dualities or differences and work outward to the limits of the initial procedural choices.

Your meta-theory instance is a pretty good example of yet another  a nested structured~duality, from my perspective. As is Craig's and Joseph's, and I suppose, Randi's, etc.

And, on the perception, experiencing or knowing something fronts, the principle underlies and is a decent common denominator for both the physical and the ~menatl/non-physical realms which dovetails nicely into getting our internal analog representations of our surroundings going within our mostly tetrahedral-shaped tructural coding in the 10^20 water molecules per second in our respiration and associated protein-folding expressions.  

So, in this storyline, there's just a few basic things to learn, and if one has difficulties, they can always acquire the deeper physical intuition simply by playing around with the magnetic tetrahedral analog math.  That is, the Frost model has some fairly decent, fairly unified ~mathematical-empirical connections.   That is, it's NOT founded just on  words but can also  be learned through doing. 

One advantage to settling in on reality being, say, nested structured~duality, or nested fields within nested fields is doing so allows one to organize or ~fold all the stuff in the physical and the mental realms down into the single  common denominator package.  This is what we'd hope for and expect to encounter in working with any of the more unified general principles.

Getting to this level of physical intuition (but via the analog rather than the abstract math route) is actually pretty shocking and also disruptive.  Also,  look back at the distance we have traveled. Way back in the distance is the crack in the western scientific paradigm shield wall. Through the crack, within the western trial theory, reality is allegedly  space and time or space-time and energy-matter and there is NO common denominator.   Along the Frost model trial, objectivity turns out to be strongly repeating subjectivity  and the spectrum of repeatable subjectivity emerges from within Descartes introductory subject-object approximation. 

All of this is terribly disruptive. Entire populations of incredibly intelligent and creative people have much of  their professional identities integrated within the Cartesian cube/subject-object instance of structured~duality, and here I am uttering the unspeakable, almost out loud.  The Cartesian cube/subject-object instance of structured~duality, after 370+ years guiding the initial phase of the scientific method, is passe. Get over it. Switch to seeing reality as nested fields within nested fields. Get on with it.

How very, very gauche of me.  

And yet, here we all are. 

So, yeah, Serge, these are some of the meanings the terms above provide and convey.   

Think about it and then take action.

Best regards,
Ralph Frost

With joy you will draw water
from the wellls of salvation.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Re: News: Researchers identify [calcium] 'switch' for long-term memo

--- In, Alfredo Pereira Júnior wrote:
> Dear Ralph:
> Many thanks for your forwarding of these news. The results confirm the
> roles of inter-cellular calcium (in water solutions). A very good
> review (with free access to full text) is Greer PE and Greenberg ME
> (2008) From Synapse to Nucleus: Calcium-Dependent Gene Transcription
> in the Control of Synapse Development and Function. Neuron 59 (6):
> 846–860.
> Best Regards,
> Alfredo Pereira Jr.

You're certainly welcome, Alfredo.

I appreciated that the summary pointed to longer-term memory development involving protein formation which reflects the structural coding storyline that I am advocating.

Also, am I interpreting that summary properly in thinking the authors measured/are referring to localized increases in concentration of calcium ions, which is different from the alleged quantum signaling in calcium waves in or near the gial cells that you are interested in?

Along with the nested fields within nested fields storyline that I am advocating,  I think it is worthwhile to emphasize that where there's calcium ion concentration changes, there's also changes in hydration and the 'concentration' (and structural coding) of water molecules.   So, it's not JUST the one thing -- a single element -- but, as Tom Mandel and other also emphasize, it's the entire system, the entire dynamic.  Thus my emphasis on the motif of nested fields within nested fields, nested structural frequency(ies), and nested structural coding.