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Re: News: Researchers identify [calcium] 'switch' for long-term memo

--- In, Alfredo Pereira Júnior wrote:
> Dear Ralph:
> Many thanks for your forwarding of these news. The results confirm the
> roles of inter-cellular calcium (in water solutions). A very good
> review (with free access to full text) is Greer PE and Greenberg ME
> (2008) From Synapse to Nucleus: Calcium-Dependent Gene Transcription
> in the Control of Synapse Development and Function. Neuron 59 (6):
> 846–860.
> Best Regards,
> Alfredo Pereira Jr.

You're certainly welcome, Alfredo.

I appreciated that the summary pointed to longer-term memory development involving protein formation which reflects the structural coding storyline that I am advocating.

Also, am I interpreting that summary properly in thinking the authors measured/are referring to localized increases in concentration of calcium ions, which is different from the alleged quantum signaling in calcium waves in or near the gial cells that you are interested in?

Along with the nested fields within nested fields storyline that I am advocating,  I think it is worthwhile to emphasize that where there's calcium ion concentration changes, there's also changes in hydration and the 'concentration' (and structural coding) of water molecules.   So, it's not JUST the one thing -- a single element -- but, as Tom Mandel and other also emphasize, it's the entire system, the entire dynamic.  Thus my emphasis on the motif of nested fields within nested fields, nested structural frequency(ies), and nested structural coding.

The handy thing about zeroing in on structural coding in our water molecules and hydrogen bonding, is (1) statistically, we've struck the dominant, most prevalent component (and one also with a very high moment-to-moment unit generation rate), and (2) what I call the ~binary tetrahedral structural coding in the water molecules, though only approximate, is also quite comparable with the ~binary tetrahedral structural coding in the other ~organic components and thus, being visualizable as a multiple-state system, is more easily conveyed to and understood by the larger, not necessarily mathematically sophisticated audience.   In fact,  via  playing around with actual magnetic tetrahedra, just about anyone can quickly acquire ample physical intuition on the basic multiple-state structural coding and the nested fields within nested fields motif, by a pathway that has little or no abstract math pre-requisites.

Admittedly, such an simplification does call for a certain type of sensitivity and a willingness to explore shifting from a cubic to tetrahedral structural orientation.  But that said,  real men should have no trouble negotiation such a small, but helpful  cultural transition.

Wouldn't you agree?

Best regards,
Ralph Frost

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from the wells of salvation. Isaiah 12:3

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