Friday, March 18, 2016

Elementary education

...Along this path, I pick tetrahedron as structure and magnet as duality which, in a couple simple moves, gets one analog model that expresses and conveys physical intuition on variable mass density, anharmonic motion and multiple states...etc. A child can develop the physical intuition in an afternoon and associate the terms with the feelings. Ten or twenty years some participants may acquire enough abstract math so as to appreciate the early impression in a different manner. 

"The essential nature of external reality, Comenius thought, could be conveyed by education to the simplest intelligence if all knowledge could be reduced to a basic principle." 

- notion ascribed to John Amos Comenius (1592-1670), circa 1640 [Dobbs, Betty Jo Teeter, THE FOUNDATIONS OF NEWTON'S ALCHEMY, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 1975 p. 60]

Friday, March 4, 2016

David Chalmers: How do you explain consciousness?


Thank you for your excellent ideas here and your efforts in framing or isolating David Chalmers very helpful questions/issues. Really, thank you to you,  both and more.

The following post is for those thinkers who try to do something of their own in the field of consciousness studies. So, on March 2014 David Chalmers has given a talk for TED where he summarized his views on the problems and perspectives of consciousness studies. The very talk is here:
In what follows I will suggest my solutions to the problems that were formulated in that talk. I would be much interested to hear the solutions of other thinkers too. I mean that instead of commenting on my ideas, a person is welcome to replace them with own ideas.
[D.C.] says: "But this is still a science of correlations. It's not a science of explanations."
[rf] His version(s) and those he references are like that because they are expressed and framed in terms of old paradigm (aka, slightly but still  overly wrong) tenets.  In the explanation I am advocating, to start out, I do the required  psychotic and paradigmatic transition activity and I redefine reality, in my storyline, as nested structured~duality (NSD) [or nested fields within nested fields, nested structured differences,etc., or similar terms which many readers don't like]. What this first step buys us is the upfront ability to consider and re-conceptualize physical AND mental stuff as the same thing -- having one common denominator -- truly belonging within the same one  category: nested structured~duality. Having made the first transition step, the explanation then unfolds as a story about structural coding. That is, the explanation of consciousness (sic) develops in terms of nested structural coding, and NOT as correlations or explanation of consciousness in terms of various types of consciousness(es). (universal, Atman, Christ, pan-, un-sub-conscious, etc.).


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Special and general NSD

One of the nice things about noticing that reality is nested structured~duality is it provides a very general platform or principle or imagery to self-reflect upon the various types and categories of nested structural coding and signaling and on the various 57 flavors of "consciousness" that people bandy about when talking about various features of consciousness and consciousness studies. 

It is the general underlying pattern. I get the message that many contributors simply do not like to admit that their own expression(s) and models are instances of the category that I have made up. Or they may see the pattern, but don't like my spiritual or religious inclinations, or other of my features or immaturities and attitudes.  What does it mean if [Ralph Frost]  expresses the helpful underlying general principle facilitating paradigmatic change in science? Does that mean that  everything that  the person contributes is correct or valid or must seen as so?