Friday, February 11, 2011

Respiration as von Neumann's 'process 1'

In his article  "Philosophy of Mind and the Problem of Free Will in the Light of Quantum Mechanics", Henry P. Stapp of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California recently made references to John von Neumann's development of quantum mechanics and our intertwined observational relationships as involving a undefined "process 1" action.
This “free” choice plays a fundamental role in von Neumann’s rigorous formulation of quantum mechanics, and he gives the physical aspect of this probing action the name “process 1” (von Neumann, p. 351, 418, 421). This process 1 action is not necessarily determined, even statistically, by the physically described aspects of the theory. (p 15)

 It is downright intriguing to accept  that the 10^20 unit per second , 6^n multiple state structural coding analog math occurring in respiration reaction sites fits nicely as von Neumann's 'process 1'.

-Ralph Frost - Februrary 11, 2011