Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A bacterial view of subjective/objective and, get your gestalt on

A bacterial view of subjective/objective:

Background:  View, or think back to  
which is Bonnie Bassler's wonderful TED talk on How Bacteria 'Talk'. 
In that she  described that bacteria track on both specie-specific and specie-non-specific chemical signals in their environment and, if that way can distinguish, roughly, between ~self and other.    Of course, to an individual cell, this detection is very personal in that the structurally coded impressions are in various proportions to types of connections in receptor sites.   And yes, it seem quite akin to various neural and neurotransmitter connections.  Doesn't it?
Me-you. Self-other.  Safety-threat.  All not far from the subjective-objective duality or complimentarity. 

Get your gestalt on:
In the trial theory I am advocating, so the story goes, our cells run the respiration reaction and generate  stacks and sequences of the ~six possible states of water molecules being formed in the reaction, reflective of conditions in the surrounds.   Now, if one is sensitive enough one can first imagine feeling and then, with some tree-hugging practice, *feel* the various feels that associate with the various  structurally coded stacks that are always forming.  Go ahead. Try it.