Tuesday, October 9, 2012

~Evolution (jcs-online post 10/9/2012)

Thanks Serge, Nicely worded: "To urge the belief system disappear is unnatural. What can be urged is just to replace one belief system by the other. So, the Third Way approach is suggested to replace both Evolutionism and Creationism." I generally agree, that below the Fourth Nested Way given our present limited understandings, we DO face this basic journey of moving from one trial theory to another, to another. This seems to me to be clearly apparent in the dreadfully accurate storyline that I advocate where reality turns out to be nested structured~duality and/or where portions of our internal representations of our surroundings, surprisingly enough, ARE fashioned in stacks and sequences of quite transient, vaporous collections of hydrogen bonded water molecules, forged together in respiration in concert with experience. The reductionist within us finds merely stacked and structured pluses and minuses, albeit predominantly in tetrahedral-like shapes -- at least within our our local neck of the woods. And so as it is that we have the responsibility to believe something then it behooves us, actually, to have belief and faith in the existence and occurrence of quite incredible and miraculous things which, in fact, do match up with large fractions of our quite incredible experiences in life. As well, it behooves us also to think upon that which is good and pure, and life-giving, and joyful, and liberating... The slant I put on this magnificent adventure is the one where the "paradigmatic flaw", so to speak, is a quite simple one, lodged in the root, or the constipated bowels of the presently dominant western scientific paradigm. ~Descartes trial theory -- the cube/subject-object instance -- is a wonderful and wildly useful initial approximation, but, as we see on this end of the era, it and its epi-cycles simply do not match up with our actual surroundings and our reality. And, as most of us periodically encounter, the accumulated consequences of our social and technological systems built upon such slightly inaccurate beliefs is started to complicate, rather than enhance smooth operations, signalling the time to make another change. Okay, perhaps my specific proposed tetrahedron/north-south instance of nested structured~duality is not a guaranteed complete slam-dunk enabling expansion (evolution) throughout the galaxy, but, again, as you say, Serge, what we face here is migrating from one belief system to another (to another)... The most difficult part of most journeys is usually taking the first awkward step. I often wonder, if not ~this shift in the scientific paradigm, then which one? And, if not today, then when? There is a rule, or suggestion, somewhere in paradigm mechanics lore, that one should make the paradigm adjustment in the region or level of organization nearest to origin of the troublesome flaw. I often get the impression that some people deem the paradigmatic flaw to not be in or related to our physical model or approximation. Might we discuss those types of beliefs here? Best regards, Ralph Frost With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation. Isaiah 12:3

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