Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kneading nested structured~duality: Entropy (ordering) reconsidered

(jcs-online - Tue Oct 16, 2012 11:59 pm (PDT Revised.) Redefining reality as nested structured~duality may seem strange to most people at first, particularly to those who are staunch advocates of the western scientific paradigm, or to advocates of spiritual-emotionalism, ineffability and/or qualia-(mis)-founded perspectives. The strangeness arises, mainly, because we are generally not very happy when we get down to really considering our core assumptions or tenets. And we become even more anxious when our subconscious signals emanating from our paradigm shield walls continue to register impressions, or ~proof after ~proof after ~proof, that all our treasured mass-energetic-informational tenets actually do knead down to, and are enfolding within the emerging, more unified tenet of nested structured~duality. The impending paradigmatic change initially feels catastrophically unsettling. In this week's impression, the reader is asked to reconsider "entropy" or "ordering". Again, basically, this term or attribute is all relating to structure. That statement alone, may crystallize the lesson for some long-time readers. We normally prioritize 'entropy' as something like a second-level tenet, secondary to the allegedly primary mass-energy equilibria. However, if one kneads the entire lump of tenets and attributes and concepts and also our budding impressions of consciousness or even consciousness-ing... it's not long before one can notice that there is this other way of seeing where structure, or more accurately, structured~duality emerges as the root tenet. 'No, no, noooo', the western scientific trained rational personality screams, as the obviously valid 'what-if' alternative rolls lumbering into view again. The signals add up, this new ball rolls easier, almost of its own accord. First of all, things have structure. Structured~duality is primary. Shifting one's root paradigmatic tenet, however, initially feels simply catastrophically unsettling. And yet, relativity and variable mass-densistiy obviously knead down into nested structured~duality. Quantum mechanics, too. And now, entropy. By reducing to and adopting the proper inner and enfolding tenet, now the stuff in the physical realm as well as everything in the mental realm rest upon the same one common tenet. Moreover, the simple things, like abstract math's previous "uncanny ability" to map and model many physical features and relationships, or how it is that observation is an influential feature at all, unravel easily. And, yes, there still is an unfolding structure and ordering... Think about it. Entropy/energy-matter: yet another instance of nested structured~duality. Enjoy. Best regards, Ralph Frost With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation. Isaiah 12:3

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