Sunday, February 17, 2013

3-ply sock: strongly, stochastically and rarely repeating subjectivity

In my own attempts at exploring Comenius's mid-1600's  suggestion to find the general principle underlying ~all  knowledge and then arriving at nested structured~duality as a quick and dirty approximation --in principle-- often I consider myself agnostic on purpose however I do see the value in the assumption of purpose to furthering and broadening one's model-building experience.

My attempt to give a non-empty concept of  'purpose' (with special thanks to Jo Edwards for asking)  would have something to do with developing an increased resonance, and I might have to say that "purpose"  was like a slang term for an increase in unity.

So, you might think of 'purpose'  as like a gauge or a ~quale, a sheen or radiance.   More resonance. More coherence. Shiny. Or, perhaps just as another nesting level.

But, to grasp and appreciate any of that, you would likely also need to upload and invoke  all three forms of nested repeatable subjectivity: strong, stochastic, and rare --inter-woven like a 3-ply sock-- to replace Descartes' approximation -- the smaller, flat, more limiting western subject-object module. 

If you follow, even if reluctantly,  perhaps you will notice that in shifting to the more unified ~3-ply sock model all the rare and so-called ~random stuff fits nicely in the rarely repeating subjectivity category. Otherwise, I get the impression in the standard western subject-object or subjectivity-objectivity framework, the inn is full with just science, and thus instead of embracing "both and more" the party line in many of those attending western philosophical variations appears to foster or rationally require exclusion and resorting solely to either-or.

3-ply sock:  strongly, stochastically and rarely repeatable subjectivity.

Best regards,
Ralph Frost

With joy you will draw water
from the wells of salvation.  Isaiah 12:3

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