Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thinking of the new noun.

An early task in the budding science of consciousness is to think the new thought and discover the new noun that can be swapped into place for "consciousness" thereby properly defining the science. Not to belabor the point, the new word is "structured duality", getting us to the "science of structured duality", which is to say, an accurate and informative statement that allows us to now move forward.

For those new to this discussion it might helpful to take a moment to consider consciousness as, and as akin to the new phlogiston. That is,
according to the history of chemistry and also, phlogiston is a noun meaning "a hypothetical substance formerly thought to be a volatile constituent of all combustible substances, released as flame in combustion". Then in 1774 Joseph Priestly discovered oxygen and subsequently, from there the explanations of combustion, and oxidation-reduction and thermodynamics developed in more rational ways.

Similarly, consciousness is a vague and ill-fitting term once thought to be the substance and process of one's internal mental life(ves) and states and experience. Then, in 1981, and then early in the 21st century people became aware of the underlying principle and the fact that reality, science, descriptions of science and reality, and thus the so-called consciousness are all, also structured duality. And, from there, from that small paradigmatic shift, then the new science develops.

For those readers who are provisionally open to experimenting with such a transposition, one should begin to notice that walking around mulling over the science of structured duality opens a trap door down into a lower level of integration where, at once one is knitting together one model which fits and holds for all of the components and sub-components of quantum gravity, or the emerging more unified physical models as well as the entire region of stuff we would have previously been pointing at via the archaic term of "consciousness". This is the sort of thing we are all looking for and expecting to encounter. Even so, when we encounter it, it still does look and feel extremely odd.

Take a deep breath. Give the new noun some thought.

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