Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quick and dirty summary - 1977 to 2009...

...The real "magical thinking"  is in the emergence of the notions I am presenting which, itself, is one instance of consciousness. It starts with a "near-death" event September 27, 1977 followed immediately by the auditory event of "How would you like to present a scientific discovery?" Then discovery of the world's first magnetic tetrahedron and then the foot-draggingly slow period of ineffabilty -- of "So what?". Then noticing the the five primary patterns, and, the secondary one that arise when the tetrahedron is primary and then inserted within the secondary XYZ framework. [That is, the order of being conscious of things, how the frameworks are sequenced influences the nature of what and how we are conscious of things.] Then noticing that "consciousness is carbon-based", then seeing the ubiquitous binary tetrahedral pattern, then noticing the ordered water level, and the internal analog language, then the respiration reaction forging echoes of our experience in the 6^n analog language -- the structured conditioning close in with the protein folding and synthesis. More recently, noticing the 10^20th water molecules per second that are emerging from all the respiration sites in everyone's body into the on-going 6^n analog math. The numbers AND the haptics and the protein folding are still working out.

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