Tuesday, April 19, 2011

From: The Unwritten Handbook of Paradigm Mechanics

It's a snap to dial back to 1640 and step over to Comenius's path, then insert the underlying general principle so as to see all of reality as nested structured duality. Child's play, really. And we're remediating or adding only one step and back in our group's development just a mere 350 years. But, that path doesn't need to or require tanking science and religion. It mainly implements a smooth shift and roll down into the more unified scientific view of the local region, on-the-fly, and then we all blast forward together. Obviously,  the more coherent appreciation of our shared biological connections will naturally develop as such a more unified perspective becomes adopted.

[With thanks  to Christopher, Roland, Serge, Ram, Leon, Chris, and all the many, many others in  [jcs-online] Digest Number 2109] and related posts.]

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