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RE: Are nested structured dualities a series of dilemmas?

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When you say "disparity" and I say "dilemma", are we talking about the same thing (in general)?

[rf11/7]  In general, I suppose, yes, Tom.   It is Marvin, though, who says disparities, and you who says dilemmas (and/or action-identities), and previously physicists who say wave-particle and previously, others [] who say infinitesimals-indivisibles, and then others who say subjective-objective or tao/yin-yang.   

In general, yes, we're all struggling  to express: "Glurg... yes, lots of differences giving variety and adaptation, but also  reality, our experience, is unified!" 

I am saying nested structured~dualities --more unified-- in attempt to give an approximate working expression to the root class or category. If you look closely, surprisingly enough, the trial theory I am advocating also comes with its own branch into introductory, confirming (analog) math. 

One definition of dilemma from Google is "a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, esp. equally undesirable ones".  You probably are not adding the ~undesirable negative shading,  but, if so, in the opposition I'd think of that addition as a complicating  instance of "pick a structure".  The good/bad slant relates to other, enfolding nested structured~dualities --the enfolding context.

Rather, if you think of moving from state to state (as in doing one one-half spin on an n2s2 magnetic tetrahedron and you either get an n3s or an ns3 ~state), the change is what I expect you would call a neutral action (even though it is uncertain which ~state will be obtained from an isolated action). The outcome is uncertain, but does that difficulty (to us) qualify as an inherent dilemma?  That is, is such a state change "bad" or undesirable?  That depends on other factors or levels of organization. Meanwhile the difference is just a neutral fact.  We can't have our cake and eat it, too, but that is just the way things are. 

[Ot] Is consciousness, like a point on a line, a new dimension of existence made possible by nested structured dualities, which is a series of dilemmas.

[rf11/8]  My impression is, akin to but in contrast with the 1960's TV broadcast error messages when reception went haywire, "The trouble IS in your set."

Substitute phlogiston in for consciousness in your question and you may catch what I mean, hopefully, not taking the juxtaposition or its effect too personally. 

Nested structured duality illuminates nested structural coding within nested fields within nested fields.  No dilemma.

The impression you apparently have of  a dilemma appears to me to be paradigmatic -- lodged in and driven by word/concept choice or conditioning and the paradigmatic flaw. 
The trouble is in your set.   Adjust your set and things come into focus. 

Change paradigms.

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Ralph Frost
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from the  wells of salvation. Isaiah 12:3

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