Tuesday, November 12, 2013

RE: Are nested structured dualities a series of dilemmas?


As I move  a bit through some of my developmental blocks, edging slightly ~forward through the separation of "good and bad", or not seeing something as "all good, or all bad",  this morning I awoke thinking  that the nested structured~duality  (NSD, as you once referenced it)  in the Frost model is rather like my descriptive yet complicated and evasive way of saying "unified". And,as I pondered upon the nested fractions or levels of organization, and wondered  about all our hyphenated terms: wave-particle, aware-ized energy, structured~duality, space-time, one-half, rational-intuitive, subjective-objective (or rare-strong repeatable subjectivity) ,etc.,  I found myself thinking that some dilemmas  (and perhaps dis-parities)  arise  from our attempts to frame our experience in just ONE way, usually the FIRST way that we experience, encounter, learn, associate, memorize it.  And we walk around attempting to reduce the unified complexity down to just the one way.   

Since reality is nested structured~duality --unified-- our BIG reductive efforts and   attempts fail and we register that paradigmatic conflict as a dilemma. 

I say paradigmatic conflict because  our big dilemmas generally arise from assuming we inhabit  flat or curvy terrain whereas we're really nested fields within nested fields -- a bit more unified than we normally think.   

This is not to say that all dilemmas evaporate but more like to point out that in our paradigm mechanics, a rapid increase in dilemmas (anomalies, disparities) in social, economic, political, environmental, technical, scientific (nested) spheres indicate some type of paradigmatic conflict.  The conflict in the present transition is a fairly slight mis-alignment in the scientific level of organization. We face transitioning from flat-curvy to nested. 

...particularly if by 2613 A.D. folks are finally going to track on reality  being aware-ized energy...


Best regards,
Ralph Frost   (Under construction)

With joy you will draw water
from the wells of salvation. Isaiah 12:3 

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