Monday, November 4, 2013

Pulsating nested fields within nested fields

Thinking while moving inside and outside the box.

On waking today and before reading Verna's prior post (Sept 9, More on time re: David Deutsch's snapshots allegedly ~moving left-to-right) -- and on day-3 of a water fast, I awoke pondering the paradigm transition: flat-to-curvy-to-nested.  
Verna's provocative  point, to me, was in her laying out the snapshots and then describing how we label one snapshot as 'now' and then impose  or overlay our habitual Cartesian-like left-to-right ~motion/development assumption and then get into our typical notions about the passage or flow of 'time'.  
In the trial theory I am advocating,  which holds that reality is nested structured~duality  or nested fields  within nested fields,  I'm getting the impression it is advantageous to consider that each snapshot (to continue on with Deutsch's/Verna's imagery)  is  predominantly pulsating ~in/out supported by/forming from the underlying nested fields within nested fields. 
This seems helpful in the sense that then the nested fields within nested fields of one snapshot influence, let's say, the differently energized nested fields within nested fields of the observer who does create some internal representation. In my storyline I say the structural coding on ~our side gets going in the 10^20 per second 6^n structural coding of hydrogen bonding packets within respiration and these nested fields condition, say,  RNA agents [1] which lead to particular protein formation and also protein folding, which, of course, IS expression.  
So, if you bear with me, in the nested fields within nested fields trial theory/imagery, here we have the observer forming, let's say, generally or somewhat in the image of the observed -- at least in a very small fraction, scribbling up some water and protein structural coding reflective of the surrounding snapshot.   
In any event, hopefully readers can get a *feel*  for how this nested fields-fields  interaction just works naturally in a rather unified manner.  Also, in a manner of speaking there is just a single viewport into the enfolding  nested field. It is much like reaching out and planting an acorn and then doggedly watching that one scene develop. Yes, with our impatient or busy lives we would set up a camera to take snapshots every Fall and then at season ten we'd lay the photo's out side-by side.  But that is a whole different operation than just remaining in place, observing the  changes that, in this case, involve the richness of the local ecosystem mediated by systemic genetic structural coding and massively parallel nested fields within nested fields interactions.    The point is, measuring and marking time is one of our human accounting systems. Time is not implicit in nature. 
Our temporal terminology and characterizations all work within our interpersonal communications, but that is only due to our conditioning, supported also by  our wildly classical paradigmatic assumptions. 
In the flat (Cartesian) model, time is plotted from left to right.  In the curvy (Relativistic) model time is relative to location and said to somehow be intermingled with space.    
In the nested (Frost) model, the nested fields within nested fields evolve or change states and registrations. ~Time is a helpful  accounting system that we impose.  It is an extra assumption, or a projection that is helpful to us but unnecessary and not actually present within nature.  
That is, again, experience exists; time does not.  
Shifting to the nested field within nested fields model opens some other doors that are not accessible within the currently dominant scientific paradigm(s). 
Think about it. 
Best regards,
Ralph Frost,  Image Bearer; 
made in the image of...
[1] Jon Leiff, M.D.

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