Friday, April 2, 2010

Cause and Effect := Event and Change in State

I greatly enjoyed discovering essays and thoughts of Arthur Young, for example, at :, in which he makes a wonderful case for the quantum paradigm shift having not happened yet, in part due to our wild penchant to retain the security of the objectivity that appears to come with the classical and relativistic storylines. In one of his essays he refers to Einstein having converted our thinking from a point to an event diagrammed in ASCII art here as:

       past ____________^___________future

but which Young points out the event, for instance, the Civil War, is actually a change of state:


more like where there is  stepwise change of state.   Elegant of him, huh?

No doubt Young may have already  fully developed the notion elsewhere in other of his works, I'll keep reading,  but intuitively, the proverbial classical  "cause and effect" mantra fits nicely into the same sort of pattern as "an event inducing a change of state". 

This vague chatter of words and ASCII art, to me, paints a wonderful watercolor showing how the classical and the relativistic approximations both boil down, conceptually, to  be supported by the one  single internal multiple-state analog math.  Young and others might term it the quantum change and they certainly may be right.  In the model and trial theory I advocate, however,  I view the fundamental as all of reality being  nested structured duality.  I represent it in unfamiliar but easy to learn analog math in the form of repulsively balanced forms of the five ways to align four rod magnets along the radii of a tetrahedron --magnetic tetrahedra -- aka, the multiple-state pattern of the multiple-state patterns forming  most of our various sp3-hybridized  molecular components. This imagery quickly gets us thinking (and feeling) in terms of haptically valid structural coding.  (For static, crude images, consider: )

Have a blessed Easter. Christ is risen.

R. Frost

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