Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mind as a general term for the emerging internal analog language

Whether one calls it "world-modeling", or laying out the emerging paradigm or the next trial theory in the "science of consciousness", one of the nice things about happening onto and scribbling out a working approximation of the underlying analog math and language that we are all using to fashion together our expressions is, as it emerges the new model explains things that are very puzzling in the prior, less differentiated model or trial theory.

Take "qualia", for instance, or "mind". In the absence of a clear picture, or ANY visualization on the emerging internal analog math/language -- stuck in the subject-object regions of Old Cartesia, qualia and mind are seemingly rock-hard and fundamental. No one can really say clearly WHAT they are, but we are generally all pretty much convinced that thoughts "feel like something", and that each of us have and know about and think we know what we all mean by the term "mind".

Yet, skip through the crack in the paradigm boundary and go out into the new open region.
Look around. Give reason and rational thinking a treat so it may start its mathematics off directly amid multiple states: initialize math "starting with the magnetic tetrahedron". No more mandatory beginning with the cube and adopting abstract math to get 3D plots and biases, and then add in a time factor, and latter encounter the tangled epicycles we have come to label as "quantum mechanical states". Also, since one goal of mathematics education is to foster and enhance physical intuition, take the short-cut through the woods. Switch over to the analog math and get the physical intuition directly. Turn the tables. Get the physical intuition first and then backfill with the secondary abstract math, if you have that predilection or need, later, after acquiring the common STEM foundation in the lower grades.

After one streams through the analog math, notices the underlying general principle and notices the 10^20 unit per second 6^n structural coding occurring at the base of human consciousness, linking that through hydrogen-bonding and protein-folding with all human expression, then if one tries to explain the archaic notions of qualia, the younger students or those who've made the transition, see and feel the connection. With no awareness or appreciation for the underlying analog language, of course one would think they ought to speak in terms of fundamental qualia! But with the clearer view, ALL associations have some feel inherently in the analog math/language.

Similarly, "mind" is discovered to be an early synonym for there being a single internal analog language fashioning together at the level of ~respiration, integrated at the level of ~life.

Best regards,
Dr. Ralph Frost

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