Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nested fields within nested fields

To recap,

1. Core down to the underlying general principle of structured~duality
   --  common denominator of physical and mental artifacts and realms
2. Explore tactile analog math in magnetic tetrahedra
   -- five ways to align four rod magnets along radii of tetrahedron
      -- the pattern(s) of a VERY LARGE fraction of our make-up and
   -- generate secondary isomers by adding second level
      of cubic structure (enfolding field)
   -- exposes the ~six states of isomers of the n2s2 pattern
3. Explore the 6^n, 10^20 per second structural coding of water molecules forming in the aerobic respiration reaction.
   --  ~non-neural structural coding aligns with genetic, epi-genetic
       and metabolic structural coding. General rule is nested
       structural coding.
   --  structural coding in respiration precedes and energizes
       synaptic connections
4. Time and the temporal assumption observed to be a misunderstanding of "the influences of vibrations of everything else".
5. Space or the spatial assumption is noticed to be a rather imaginary abstraction of the enfolding field.

These five developments lead to the transitional existential and ontological perspective that "we are not moving through space, but are nested fields within nested fields".

The overall idea here is that our western spatial-temporal assumption-based scientific paradigm is slightly erroneous and an helpful, yet excessively approximate model of our actual situation and states.

Thus the paradigm transition we face is to migrate away from the spatial-temporal scientific paradigm out into the enfolding structural-energetic worldview.   It's mostly a conceptual, or ~structural re-orientation.

Please integrate this paradigm transition into your to-do list and calendar.

Best regards,
Ralph Frost

With joy you will draw water
from the wells of salvation. Isaiah 12:3

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