Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fovea within peripheral fields as attention within consciousness.

(Re: Even if the "hard problem" is a real problem...)
Hi, Verna,  

Regarding your vision...points...line...racetrack ideas, I believe you may be led astray by the wonders of your intact peripheral vision.
That is,  where you talk about viewing the start point and some half-way point down the track and then tracing a straight line from point A to B,  in my low-vision condition (which I often consider a special gift), I have become aware that without decent peripheral vision, viewing point A does not mean also viewing point B.  Or, viewing the words on the left of a post on screen, does not include also seeing the words at the right end of the same line of text.  And, it seems to me that locating point B with the fovea or one's central vision under the reduced, low vision condition is more of a random walk and NOT a straight line trace. Finally, one finds and focuses on the location of point B, but then, point A has usually disappeared.
It may seem like I am lamenting my loss, but I am really trying to point out that what ~people are running is a ~two-layered system where peripheral fields of vision give an overall background view, and within that is nested the roving fovea which seems to perform the line tracing that you describe. I am saying, the straight line trace only occurs given the concurrent background view.
Interestingly, I think,  these nested and separate vision systems are very much like attention wandering around in the un-sub-conscious terrain, focusing upon various points of interest. The fovea is like a visual attention.
In the current storyline I am advocating we have a primary energetic-structural coding language and a secondary, word-full, protein-folded, expressive associated  language.  In the Zeno halving ~paradox story that you mention, I would throw out that the halving story is really a bit unreal or secondary.  We all buy into it to various degrees, but that's because our logic is partly fashioned amid that tangle and  because we have previously swallowed  the hook of there being only ONE system at work, and not one nested inside another (others).  The halving story is a bit imaginary and in our real energetic system the real situation is the fovea focuses one step beyond the finish line and the attached foot steps over to that point -- regardless of how logical the secondary halving story sounds to us.

In your story, I take issue with your idea of the eye doing the smooth trace from one point to another. I also see it helpful to note one attentive system  nested within another, which is how we get confused by the halving story when we assume (erroneously) that there is only one system.

It's unlikely we can see eye-to-eye on this as I think I lean heavily in the tactile sense while I appreciate that you are likely more visually oriented. However, I am curious if you somewhat understand what I am trying to say about two systems, and also, the visual focus roving about  nested within the peripheral fields being akin to word-full ~conscious attention focusing  of  active energetic sites nested within the ~un-sub-conscious. (?)

Best regards,
Ralph Frost

Changing the western scientific paradigm. 

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from the wells of salvation. Isaiah 12: 3

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