Thursday, May 4, 2017

Learning the underlying general principle.

The NSD principle that I communicate and advocate is really quite simple and obvious (once it is pointed out to someone who is or has been ensconced in the dominant scientific or another paradigm).

Learning the principle   is really just a matter of simple pattern recognition -- of observing the principle which is woven within  the entire fabric and history of science, et., al.  Rather than start out with the typical assumptions: "reality is space, time, energy, mass, space-time, energy-matter, etc.", and also lacking any model of ~consciousness, one can  look  inside those sets of dualities and notice that at the underlying, more unified level, "reality is structured~duality" -- starting out with the new fundamental generalization:  all things have some structure AND have and/or exhibit one or more dualities or differences.   Subsequent consideration shows that this feature is common to both physical and mental artifacts and categories.

Given that basic definition, then one can look around and observe that on the world stage the eastern 'mystical' worldview is an arrangement fashioned on the Tao/yin-yang instance of  structured~duality [Tao = structure; yin-yang = duality]. Or, closer to home, that our western Cartesian model, which is the basis of the dominant scientific paradigm, runs on the 'cube/subject-object' instance of  structured~duality as well [cube = structure; subject-object = one duality].  

For a person who  habitually makes distinctions between subjects and objects, and/or also appreciates our XYZ-cubic-based abstract math modeling, they MAY be able to notice they, too,  are running on and counting upon the  cube/subject-object instance of structured~duality. This awareness might come just as a matter of  slight self-reflection. So, most people likely should see the possibility.

Importantly, I encourage you to focus in on how our abstract math is   founded within the XYZ-cubic structure.  The assumption of cubic structure is at the base of  the dominant scientific model.  We may not think of our abstract math in that way, but in learning it, we do begin with and rely upon cube as an initial choice of structure.

...And we do this because "realty is nested structured~duality", and thus we are  bound to choose SOME structure.

Since that elective choice (and others) leads to the dominant scientific paradigm [and related technology,  economy, society, culture, and associated conflicts...],  alternative STEM systems are obviously possible based, simply, upon other choices of  structure and duality(ies).

So...  NSD fits in as, and is the new underlying general principle.

Continuing on, notice that my favorite is picking tetrahedron as structure and north-south (magnetic fields) as a central duality, which, itself also manifests as a useful and effective analog math.

I say it is useful and effective because as anyone plays around with the five ways to align four rod magnets along the radii of a tetrahedron (see )   what each participant also sees and feels are impressions of variable mass-density and also multiple states differing in increments of one-half spin.    Plus, the same analog math exposes other similarities and relationships, in particular the look and feel akin to that in solar fusion and also the Debye electro-negativity patterns found in  all (tetrahedral-shaped) sp^3 hybridized molecular bondings -- water, silicates, all organic carbon and nitrogen compounds, etc.,   -- aka, planetary crusts, oceans, all of life.

Yet, notice the information compression ratio here between the analog math and the abstract math representations which we are fortunate to have as developed in the dominant (cubic) model.   In the cube/subject object instance, a person faces a 10-20 year study period to perhaps master enough of the abstract math so as to acquire enough physical intuition on the physical theories so as to admit to 'having a feel for'  variable mass-density and multiple states and/or to suggest extensions. 

Yet, switching to the tetrahedron/north-south instance and implicit analog math, the account collapses and now is a short paragraph long and essentially anyone can acquire a "feel" of these low level features of our reality in a few experiences taking a few moments. 

So, again, with the growing  evidence, NSD is the new underlying general principle.

Best regards,
Ralph Frost
Changing the scientific paradigm. (Coming soon!)

With joy you will draw water
from the wells of salvation. Isaiah 12:3

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