Monday, October 16, 2017

Collapsing the wave function

Sadhu-sanga -

Dear  Kasyap, others,

Regarding stochasticity,  I think there are also alternatives to the models and perspectives that you and others advocate or discuss. 

For instance, I believe that the dominant scientific models we all reference have developed  from the root assumption of  objectivity separate from subjectivity -- in the slang terms that I learned: via the so-called Cartesian subject-object split.  If one wrestles that entanglement to the ground and simplies (hopefully not over-simplifying),  then everything in the objective category is also ~equal to or a member of  the strongly repeatable subjectivity category. That is, things that repeat strongly (consistently...) we have been educated  to call "objective".   ....Discern a pattern once or twice and it is just a "subjective feeling". Repeat the same "subjective feeling pattern" at several accredited, independent international science labs and we have a confirmed  instance of a strongly repeatable subjectivity pattern  ...that we previously have agreed upon and/or been educated  to call an "objective fact" -- and probably if it's a strongly repeating pattern, call it an  "objective classical physics fact".

Within the repeatable subjectivity perspective,  the two-category subjective-objective system collapses into a single category of grades of repeatable subjectivity, or to the spectrum of repeatable subjectivity.  This spectrum includes non-repeating, rarely repeating, stochastically repeating, periodically repeating and strongly repeating, etc., 'feels', 'measures',  'impressions'... phases.   The strongly repeatable variety matches up with what we label as patterns in "classical physics", whereas the stochastically repeatable varieties may populate the "non-classical physics" realm, with some registering in the QM, xQED storylines and regions.   

For those interested, spiritual liberties may be then be seen to associate closer with rarely repeating (and/or more highly nested) situations, but still within the same single repeatable subjectivity spectrum category.  I suppose 'this all' may be more like a different, more nested topological viewpoint, and focusing more directly upon repeatability rather than "stochasticity" or "measures of probabilities" along with or versus, 'always' or 'assumedly never' happening events.

As for ontological models in science and/or "an atomic explanation for consciousness" rather than, or in addition to beginning with Bruno's "reality is arithmetic" or "reality is a universal Turing device" (or however it is properly said),   the ~axiom  or general principle I advocate is "reality is nested structured~duality". (All things have some structure AND have/exhibit one or more dualities ...or differences.)    This principle holds for all the stuff in the standard model-physical realm and also all the stuff in the mental/descriptive realm(s). The nested aspect, also, apparently turns out to be a fundamental feature, six ways to Sunday -- that is, in many important respects.  This ~axiom gives us a quick jumpstart to reality being nested fields within nested fields and to nested structural coding within nested structural coding. 

Immediately fabricating some quick and dirty analog math via the five ways to align four rod magnets along radii of a tetrahedron [structure: tetrahedron; duality: north-south (and/or attraction-repulsion)], in short order we have n4,s3n,n2s2,ns3,s4  --  units providing physical intuition on multiple state exhibiting variable mass-density differing in increments of one-half spin.

These five states have the look and feel of the five Debye electronegativity diagrams for tetravalent, sp^3 hybridized molecular bond patterns, as those in,say, all  water, organic nitrogen and ammonia, silicates,  organic carbon, and related  compounds. That is, from the axiom and a ~lucky guess on initial structured~duality comes analog math reflecting the physical ontology of ourselves and our surroundings. 

Yet, as we live and breathe here on the flipside of photosynthesis, aerobic creatures like ourselves respire about 160 kg of oxygen per person per year which calculates out to generating about 10^20 water molecules per second, body-wide in our distributed respiration sites. Since  a water molecule has 'structured~duality' akin to an n2s2 magnetic tetrahedron (roughly tetrahedral shaped with two plus and two minus regions), then generating these molecules within an enfolding field (and here is where one important 'nesting' level occurs/shows up) means each water molecule that is formed does so in one of  six (or twelve) orientations.  [A tetrahedron inside a cube  traces out six of the cube's twelve diagonals at a time.]  This allows that a sequence of n-molecules can form in 6^n (or 12^n) different ways.  Physics tells us or suggests that repeating patterns of vibrations in the surroundings should influence the orientations of the sequences of molecules forming in respiration during an experience in a consistent way. Thus, in a few steps, the same analog math that reflects our ontological make-up, combined with a little bit of nesting, also is generating an internal analog (molecular, ordered water,  field-like) life-relevant, structurally coded  representation of our surroundings.   Aka, ~consciousness.

Somewhat interestingly, IMO,  structurally coded stacks of water molecules are also packets of hydrogen bonding.  Hydrogen bonding has influential  roles in  both protein-formation and protein-folding. The latter is integral with motility and  expression. The former relates in replication.

As well, environmental-resonance-driven structural coding  in stacks of ordered water forming in respiration sites within neurons, offer some helpful wide-area 'pre-recognition' and potential synaptic pre-alignment features.  In addition, in collapsing at least some types of 'memory' down to structural coding in water molecule stacks in respiration, longer-term instances of such structural coding can be formed by incorporating the higher concentration of specially structured stacks present in the ~associated cell  in the more persistent "bound water layers" in newly forming protein matrices forming in or near the associated cell.  

There appear to be some synergetic features, also, of considering 'consciousness' more in line with structural coding and closely coupled with energy collection/conservation. First, it's is a bit easier to consider that we have just respirational, metabolic,  epi-genetic, genetic and maybe immunological structural coding -- beside the nested ecological, social. economic, etc., structural coding.   Secondly, coupling respirational structural coding with  representation and adaptive response and also with energy collection/conservation allows SOME routes to account for or modeling structurally coding enzymatic catalysis and/or inhibition, which are other structural types of adaptive/energy conservation (life sustaining) measures.

A careful reader may notice that provisionally considering this alternate scientific ontology basically involves halting the Cartesian Cube/subject-objectmodel, which itself IS or contains its own (not quite correct subjective-objective) model of consciousness, and initiating the axiom and/or underlying general principle along with the tetrahedron/north-south instance of nested structured~duality.

Best regards,
Ralph Frost, Ph.D.

Seeking a thought worthy of speech.

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