Monday, March 19, 2018

Foundations of Mathematics - How arithmetic and numbers are "quantum-like"


Thanks for the clearer and more detailed summary of your thesis relating/associating p and [p] to concepts developed in other traditions and linguistic communities.  

I am curious whether you can add more detail or clarity on relating ~how you see/saw arithmetic contain 'quantum features', or that you came to "predict quantum logic and quantum computations"  and what you mean by that?  Does it have to do with some propositions being both doubtless and doubtful, etc.? And if so, what words came to you first?  

Also, when you say, """by justifying the quantum from a very old theory of consciousness (Mechanism, or its modern Digital form) """,  what are the traits you reference in "Mechanism"?   Also,  by "very old theory of consciousness", are you referring to the split into "subjective and objective" categories?

Additionally, are you saying that quantum features are implicitly "already"  embedded in arithmetic and numbers, as in, just like the ordering alternations between  addition and subtraction or multiplication and divisions,  or a number potentially having N+1 inner states thus predicting the numerical value of its successor?

It seems to me that  math or STEM education might greatly benefit from such a re-factoring since it might eliminate  the habitual starting out in teaching a seemingly non-quantum, classical 1,2,3,4... math perspective and then, after the die is cast,  trying to introduce the non-classical,  quantum mechanical inner states, artifacts and relations.  

If arithmetic and xyz-Cartesian numbers and math are ~already  quantum mechanical or having the "quantum logic", that would be a handy feature to accommodate and emphasize in the early steps of the K-12 educational process.  

It's rather obvious and easily conveyed in the magnetic or ~bipolar or ~binary tetrahedral analog math that I am marketing, but, other than pointing at the positive and negative numbers, I am not clear on how students  might observe or see arithmetic and numbers as "quantum-like".   Can you clarify?

I'm not doubting you did or can discern these relations, I'm just curious to discover what is entailed or involved in describing it and conveying it in the instance of nested structured~duality   that you are working with.

Best regards, 
Ralph Frost, Ph.D.

Changing the scientific paradigm.

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