Saturday, December 7, 2019

What is reality?

(12/3/2019 "Reply to your forum post" -- Scientific Basis of Consciousness  group)

That's a good question.  I guess I consider it (reality) as universe+theories+errors+incompletions+other_items/concerns/influences.  I'd say it includes more than just 'universe' and "originally" I think I started out  considering "both the physical and the 'mental' aspects of reality".  Later I think I realized that in seeing "reality as nested structured~duality, which includes physical and mental aspects", that I was pre-conditioned in the dominant western scientific paradigm to think in terms of the supposedly two categories: physical and mental... (or alternatives), but in the emerging more unified model, at the underlying principle level there is just the nested structured~duality  "supporting both".   Thus, reality is nested structured~duality. From there, or prior to, we acquire the "magnetic tetrahedral/polyhedral analog math" and that prompts for nested fields within nested fields and nested structural coding.

The pattern seems similar, to me, relating to the <'Chit-Padartha: Conscious-Matter'> in that if/when one  "looks inside" that, (according to me) it's the same thing -- more nested structured~duality.

...As a quick and dirty very general approximation.

Does that help or answer your question?  You do understand that anyone who re-defines reality is typically considered psychotic, don't you? 

How do you define 'reality',  Ram?

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