Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Re: The Origin of Cognition

(A post to  Apr 17, 2012)
Reflecting on some of the shiny surfaces of your query into Chris's budding structural coding project,  I'm in agreement regarding the organic soup and equilibrious bubble formation, but where you listed hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen in the soup but placed it in a volcanic container, my introductory geology memories kicked in and for my money, or out of fairness to the inorganic elements, the volcanic portion also spawns another list, mostly involving silicon, oxygen, aluminum, sodium, calcium, potassium, trace metals and sulfur, at least, to name a few.

Then we add in well-lit and shadowy places around the lake, plus the other light-dark and warmer-colder variations, and on one level we just have the rudiments of the carbon, water, nitrogen, sulfur
cycles and watery phase changes effecting various chromatographic and thermal separations and purifications. Yet, looking deeper, the 100-odd one and two-letter element abbreviations are actually NOT stamped on each atom of each element, but what we have are various stacks and collections of, say, protons, neutrons and electrons making up soup, the bubbles and the volcanic containers. Then we also DO have the equilibrious "buffering" in the dissociation of water (pH), the carbonate-bicarbonate-carbonic acid and other dissociative systems plus shifting oxidation-reduction-oxidation-reduction... transitions.

But, in the more detailed view,  what is occurring are various changes in the structural coding and shifts in the nested structured~duality.

Dust of the solar wind in the solar wind, energized in varying amounts at varying frequencies, striking various resonances.

If we idealize and romanticize the structural coding based on our intermediately assumed Cartesian values, yes, I suppose we do get awareness of awareness of nested awareness, and can further idealize and roman-ticize our new true loves: Pretty Consciousness and her  cousin,  Lovely Awareness, staring our of the pool at us.

Yet taking the first, second, third, to nth derivatives of Cartesian values, what we actually have is life with all its natural structural coding features inherent in the innate nested structured~duality.

If  we take the imaginary complex integral of the Cartesian values and say Lovely Awareness is inherent, all the way down, then in a way that may be pleasing to young and old alike, the statement is mostly accurate and truthful.  But when we ask further WHY this is so, we re-discover this is so, not due to Lovely Awareness, but due to the structural coding innate in the nested structured~duality.

There are two of the women Chris is looking asking about.

Best regards,
Ralph Frost

With joy you will draw water
from the wells of salvation. Isaiah 12:3

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