Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Resonant nested structured~duality

Earlier this week, or perhaps last week, perhaps during a dream, I had the following set of thoughts stream through my head but then I apparently forgot about it. David Friend's recent post  (jcs-online) about speech/sound correlating with some brainwave patterns reminded me and, below, I take a stab at a  story that I feel has been percolating for a while.  You will perhaps pardon me for using my own private lingo, but, pretty much, I don't have any other option and apparently, so far, neither does anyone else.

Here's the quick and dirty.

When we scratch around to TRY to make a model of consciousness, basically, what we're talking about is coming up with some description that persists. Thus, we get directly to resonant nested structured~duality.

That is, if you have been following my antics for the last few years, basically what you have experienced and/or observed is  me first pulling the underlying principle of structured~duality rabbit out of the hat, and then building off the ultra-cool multiple-state analog math of magnetic tetrahedra, pointing out the 10^20 per second structural coding going on in the ordered water flux forming in the respiration sites, I guess we'd call it, INSIDE neurons and prior to, up-gradient from the neural networking/synaptic/dendritic transactions.

Despite the fearful moanings, and furtive cries of "foul, foul" from the peanut galleries,  there are some real advantages to the development I am advocating.  Staying out of the often-repeated details, the big plus in this storyline is we get a trial theory that has, let's call it, TWO  portions.  We have the on-going primary 6^n analog math in the respiration reaction sites/ordered water level of organization, and then we have the secondary  neuroscientific/neural networking focus.

Now, everyone with half a brain can instantly see that this is exactly the sort of thing that we are
looking for and pretty much have to settle in on -- having more than one in-the-now levels of organization that have some related levels of active reflectance.   Otherwise, we're back inside the single function neuroscientific cul-de-sac trying to get one system to serve many tasks and masters.

So, there is a NEW method in my particular madness.  In looking over into the unlit portion, lo and behold here is yet another active representation, that is actually strongly integrated into our energy SUPPLY.  IF consciousness was going to have some automatically redeeming features, this too, is the type of connection we need to have.

Moreover,  if one can recognize that respiration reactions can be or are staged, say, occurring in one region ahead of some other region ahead of some other region, and then considering stacking layers of such reactive/reflective regions,  then we start to get the clear picture of building up a layered system whereby a certain structure can code out in the ordered water layer and that will influence/prompt some sort of reply in the neural networking layer.

Now, if one starts out with, say, a brand new signal, basically, there's no reply.  If the signal repeats,  then there's good likelihood, after a fashion, the structural coding will build up to return some type of response.   This sort of thing builds up so that before we know it, we get an energy advantage from the connected recognitions.   It's someplace along here that we can notice that getting resonance going on in or between the TWO reflective, representational systems or surfaces naturally pays energetic dividends.   So, theres's an advantage to thinking.

The thing with the resonance, really, is resonance is really more like  signal persistence/strength.  It's easiest to "see" or appreciate, with sound since we are pretty strongly tuned in with sounds and sound is quite emphatic.   But, we also run pressure and visual and taste-smell-oriented resonance systems which may or may not always translate into worded signals. So, there is a need for a general internal analog language

That's about it. Resonant nested structured~duality.  Look for it at a cluster of respiration reaction sites near you.

Best regards,
Ralph Frost

With joy you will draw water
from the wells of salvation.  Isaiah 12:3

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