Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Create surface; apply labels. Spawn labels; generate surfaces.

Whether the precise term is "image" or something else, I suggest we do have nearly universal agreement that we're all running a system that generally, automatically forms an impressionistic surface or image and then adds (re-called, re-extracted) sets of associations and labels to the impressionistic surface.  That is, this process occurs during sensing or experiencing things within the surroundings.  And, once this process is acknowledged, then it is also clear that "imagination"  seems to sometimes be this process run in reverse where collections of labels or experiences spawn active internal imagery or surfaces.

In the nested resonant structural coding trial theory of consciousness I am advocating,  the "automatic"  structural coding process occurs within the formation of stacks and sheets of ordered water forged in respiration reaction sites -- within neurons -- in the process of harvesting electrons that will later resonate within synaptic processes.

Adding, or should I say, discovering the "automatic" image or surface formation  layer  within the synaptic/neural networking layer has advantages. The primary process generates "an image". The secondary process echoes or replies with worded, memorable associations giving the experience of either re-cognition, or else discovery of additional connections. Having a related, but two-process system accentuates the existence of resonant communication over period of experience.  Again,  the "temporal appearance", of course, is highly illusory and related to other of our sustained enzymatically catalyzed biochemical resonances.

Discovering the primary "image" formation process in respiration facilitates seeing the neural networking as a simple, secondary development.

For those who may be interested in developing physical intuition along and within  the loose tenets of this trial theory a global science education tool is available at

Best regards,
Ralph Frost

With joy you will draw water
from the wells of salvation.  Isaiah 12:3

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