Thursday, July 9, 2015

Re: Consciousness is and is not experience.

Dear Joseph,   [jcs-online 7/9/2015]

Is it just me, or is there a so-called disturbance in the force? ...of late, in the last 4 to 6 months?

Besides other stuff going on with me, I have had the odd perceptions recently that goes a bit like....   a realization that not that it is "perfect" or "right", but that transitionally and even for longer, that the nested structural coding/nested fields within nested fields  storyline I am advocating, turns out to be ~right enough, or workable, perhaps just because of its laconic, tactile compactness, low cost,  and alternate but still rather understandable 6^n nested logic and rationality.   ....Close enough for an initial real-time global paradigm transition trial. 

Talk about a hideously surprising and   terrifying fear of success!  Anyway, I suppose time will tell, sooner or later.... or not.

In any event, regarding our various extremist beliefs that you brought up,   I am going to guess that a very, very large fraction of the angry young adult men acting within ISIS-like structural codings -- belief-behaviorial patterns -- have huge and devastating histories of intense personal and family grief and loss -- basically, suffering losses chronically over years, decades, or perhaps generations.  Collateral damage from our drone attacks surely can not help. [But, also, check on this: Islamic State - ISIS origin story ]

It doesn't help much even if my guess here is correct. Then the situation just becomes very, very, very sad, devastating, grievous.   At that point, about the only non-violent alternative or remedy for that underlying accumulation, that I can suggest for young men with pain-filled personal and family history would be something like  WDA's "Restore Your Heart" grief and pain processing programs [1] .   Don't get me too wrong there, yes, I'm speaking from my Christian experience with RYH groups but even though Jesus is alright with Islamic followers, I'm not starting out saying our ISIS brothers should pony up and join a Christian grief processing small group. I assume, or at least certainly hope that Islamic organizations already  have their own equivalent or better non-violent grief processing group support systems.   (Though, it wouldn't hurt our angry young and older men in this country, to pony up and process their own pain rather than act it out in their ways.)

So, I suppose you could call this a consciousness study experiment -- to embark on all of us taking responsibility and getting some different experience  to interrupt our default developmental processes.

Otherwise, the default route will likely play out.  Wouldn't it be cool to experience new beneficial developments??

Best regards to all,
Ralph Frost

[1] Restorative Ministry - Worldwide Discipleship Association  (See: Restore Your Heart section).

Restorative Ministry - Worldwide Discipleship Ass...
  The Restorative Ministry is dedicated to teaching churches (and other ministries) how to help people heal emotionally and relationally. We believe that a major ro...
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Frost Scientific
Frost Scientific
Try NOT to think about it. That is, our internal analog 'math' develops and replicates in particular patterns.
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Nested Structured~duality

With joy you will draw water
from the wells of salvation. Isiaih 12:3

---In, wrote :
Are we in control via our own consciousness?

Are dreams and imaginations experience? 

Can you connect your beliefs and desires to all your experiences? Who will eventually give us a better world, religion or science, or both together, neither apart or together? 

ISIS fighters desire power, money, a wife and family, according to Fareed Zakaria. They are young men who have never had a job, a wife, or power. They have strong religious beliefs, one might even say extreme. They live and die in a war zone environment. 

Meanwhile, the consciousness scientists are experiencing their own world realities based on their beliefs and desires. The academic "Ivory Tower" is real? Who has the time or the money to schlep off to every corner of the planet to their private conferences? They live and die huddled over there instruments and academic texts. It is a closed society, excluding and closed minded to other viewpoints as extreme, in their own way, as ISIS. 

Both sure seem to me that they are creating their own experiences, based on their beliefs and desires. Right? They both have different states of awareness.

Is the dream world and the imagi-nation like a separate reality? Actually a separate reality? Is being like a separate reality a separate reality? 

Since no one actually knows anything, because of basic unpredictability, we are all guessing. 

Christianity and the Islamic religion perpetuate the myth that we have a soul. What would it mean to say that a  myth is physically manifested. If I act according to my beliefs about myths, and henceforth experience something as a direct result of my actioned belief, is that an experience based on my beliefs? 


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