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Nested Quanta - Acquiring Knowledge -- NSD-style

Nested quanta

Hey, thanks, RLG, for the link on quantum mysticism,  which led me to then skim over the many, many interpretations of quantum mechanics at

Quite a few, different complicated  instances of NSD there... .-)

In the quantum information theories or interpretations section,
the latter contained:

Quantum informational approaches[35] have attracted growing support.[36][5] They subdivide into two kinds[37]
  • Information ontologies, such as J. A. Wheeler's "it from bit". These approaches have been described as a revival of immaterialism[38]
  • Interpretations where quantum mechanics is said to describe an observer's knowledge of the world, rather than the world itself. This approach has some similarity with Bohr's thinking.[39] Collapse (also known as reduction) is often interpreted as an observer acquiring information from a measurement, rather than as an objective event. These approaches have been appraised as similar to instrumentalism. """
I am intrigued by, the """'s knowledge of the world, rather than the world itself....   and .... observer acquiring information from a measurement, rather than as an objective event."""

The latter prompts me to consider what it means to 'acquire information from a measurement'. 

I don't know how knowledge  is considered as 'acquired' within the dominant scientific paradigm, particularly via QM mathematical physicists if they lack a functional model of ~consciousness.

In the NSD storyline, however, I catch a glimpse of a "nested quantum fields or nested quanta" imagery that seems to have recently been extruding itself in through the cracks in my awareness. In the storyline I advocate, 'acquiring information [from a measurement, a sensory/memory measurement/difference, etc.,]' actually ~means building or accumulating a stack of, say, 6^n ordered water clusters, and/or synthesizing proteins, or other organic carbon/nitrogen, etc, artifacts.  Thus, NSD has a different, and I think, more accurate, informative   type of 'collapse'  or 'reduction'. Moreover,  people can acquire and consider the improved perspective, basically, by shifting from the abstract xyz-cubic... to the nested analog tetrahedral frame or reference.

That is, viewing things from the tetrahedral orientation (not just the xyz-cubic-temporal-Hilbert-etc., orientation),   ~knowledge is  nested stacks of sp^3 collections -- nested  quanta.

So, for those readers who can follow along,   in the NSD/tetrahedral imagery, what we have is various nested resonances among the various collections and arrangements of the artifacts formed and re-forming here within the local quantum gravitation, solar fusion flux system.

At a base level, we've got sp^3 hybridized arrangements nested  in photosynthesis and respiration transformations, structurally coding in ~living  molecules, channeling through, say, the carbon, phosphorus, nitrogen, etc., regenerative cycles. 

When cast or modeled in the abstract, ill-fitting ~cubic/Hilbert recipe, we get the cloudy, probabilistic implications and complexities (and fair amounts of confusion) in the interpretations as shown in the link  above ( ). Plus, in that model folks do not yet have an actual  model,  much less a common denominator model for physical artifacts PLUS 'knowledge' and/or 'acquired knowledge'.

However, in the tetrahedral/NSD modeling instance, or framework, regardless of one's abstract mathematical background, we do. Due to  inherent nested symmetry within the  tetrahedral frame of reference  -- the inherent symmetry between our ontology and our description (~epistemology) --  a more unified perspective can  and does emerge. [Echoing discoveries of R. Buckminster Fuller in the 20th century.] Reality is nested structured~duality, and also, the base sp^3 hybridization of the local region IS tetrahedral.  Thus, acquiring knowledge involves nested state change -- complimentary, energy-related nested state change.

And, also thanks, of course, to RLG's contributions. 

So, thanks, RLG  ...and to all others!

Best regards,
Ralph Frost

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